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  1. Super quick shipping! Recommended seller! Thanks for the pin! :)

  2. Wonderful pin! Amazing person! :)

  3. Awesome trader. Thanks so much!! :)

  4. Another trade with this awesome lady and friend!

  5. +100 - so fun to deal with - have a great day!

  6. Thanks for picking up the pin for me!! You're awesome!

  7. A lovely member of this forum, and very fast delivery! Thank youuuuu!

  8. A royal and loyal dpf member. thanks for being born this way. your amazing

  9. Wonderful and generous member of the community!

  10. Always an A+ trade with this lovely lady. Thanks!

  11. Thank You for participating in the DPF Fundraiser Game A


  13. MALI87 ROCKS

  14. Thanks for getting the keys for me! It was great to meet you!

  15. Thanks for getting the PTD for me! :)

  16. Thank you for a GREAT trade!!! Pin is AWESOME :)

  17. Great trade, I hope to do it again!!!

  18. Thanks for the vinyl trade and other items too,GREAT!!

  19. Great pins! Thank you.


  21. Pins from auction arrived safe and sound and look great.

  22. Fast Payment, Wonderful Member All Around! Thanks for Playing My PODM Game! :)

  23. Thanks for trading!

  24. Triple A+ and a very Nice Lady too!

  25. Triple A+ Trader, and a very Nice Lady too!

  1. Very sweet person, good communication and prompt payment, thanks so much! Xxx

  2. Prompt payment and a wonderful trader Thanks so much! :D

  3. Total sweetheart and great trader! <3 xxx

  4. Always a pleasure to chat and trade with! Thanks Connie! <3 xxx

  5. Fantastic prices and a fabulous trader to talk to! Thanks for the grail! :D

  6. Happy to do the pickup for u! C: xxx

  7. Fantastic trade and a sweetie pie! Hope to trade again soon :)

  8. Super awesome pricing and a speedy shipping! Thx hun <3

  9. Great trade and happy to help do pickup ;)

  10. Fantastic game w/ great consolation prizes ;D

  11. Always fun to trade with <3

  12. <3 xxx

  13. Absolute Sweetie :)

  14. It was great to meet u too! Hope to trade again soon :D

  15. A total sweetie and great to trade with! :)

  16. Great trade! Fast and efficent and LOVE the pin! Hope to trade again soon :)

  17. Great trade, communication and packages very well LOL Will trade again soon ;)

  18. Fantastic trade and very awesome to speak to :) Hope to trade again soon ;D

  19. Great communication and hope to trade again soon! :)

  20. Always a pleasure to trade with! :)

  21. Fantastic auction and great communication! Hope to participate again! :)

  22. Great communication and a wonderful member! Hope to play again soon :)

  23. Great communication and a sweetie! Will trade again soon :)

  24. Very sweet woman! Always happy to do trades with :)

  25. Super Fair Trader and awesome to talk to! Such a sweetheart :)