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  1. thx

  2. Great help from UK'er

  3. Excelllent, thank you so much for helping with a UK pin!

  4. Great trade! Very happy and friendly!

  5. Thanks for the great Auction bid!

  6. Thanks again! Enjoy your new pin!

  7. Thanks for helping, enjoy your new PTD!

  8. Enjoy your new pins!

  9. PTD's! Love them, enjoy your Tod!

  10. Enjoy that Maleficent Character Key! Such a nice pin!

  11. Thanks! Enjoy your new pins

  12. Thanks, enjoy your new pins!

  13. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  14. Thanks! Sorry for the mix up but glad you got 2!

  15. WooHoo for YooHoo! Eye hope you like it!

  16. Thank you so much for helping me acquire pins!

  17. Thanks for trading, hope to do it again sometime!

  18. Got my pins quick and as described!

  19. Thanks, hope you enjoy your Mali LE250 pin!

  20. Thanks for bidding a grail!!

  21. Thanks Moe!

  22. Thanks so much for my cool DS Mystery pins!

  23. Thanks again! Good to have UK buddies!

  24. Thanks for the Ariel sister.

  25. Thanks a lot!