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  1. Excellent communication. Pleasure to work with :)

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    • May 24, 2019
  2. Pleasure to work with:) Thank you!

  3. Recommend. Good communication. Pleasure to work with:)

  4. Excellent communication. Pleasure to work with :)

  5. Excellent communication. Pleasure to work with :)

  6. Awesome DPF Member! Thank you for picking up April pin! :)

  7. Wonderful Wizard thank you for the pin fun! :)

  8. Asset to DPF community. Spreading pin joy :)

  9. Excellent communication. Wonderful DPF Member. :)

  10. Thank you for the great pin and fun WDW Pickups: At Cost Lotto :)

  11. Excellent communication. Happy trade :D Thanks!

  12. Thank you for the pins!

  13. Thank you. Great communicator. Your collection is complete :)

  14. Pin fun! Great helping each other with our pin collections. Thank you. :)

  15. First trade across the pond! Excellent communication. Hope to trade again in the future :)

  16. Always fun mail :)

  17. Excellent communication! Thank you for picking up Bellwether:)

  18. Thank you for your awesome game~ everyone’s a winner. Best!

  19. Fun mail from the Wizard! Thank you :)

  20. Thank you for the Channel 28 pick up! Awesome :)

  21. You’re the best! Thank you Dawn :)

  22. Amazing Forum Member. Thank you for your kindness:)

  23. Animation Celebration ~ Thank you for the pin- Love it! Super fast delivery. :D

  24. Wonderful DPF Member, full of surprises! Thank you:)

  25. Thank you for July pin pick ups! :)