Feedback Profile of Shannon

  1. Wonderful DPFer!!! Asset to the community!

  2. Great DPFer, THANKS!!

  3. Great buyer, thank you!!

  4. Great buyer, THANKS!!!

  5. Great trade, super nice person, thanks!!

  6. Adorable pin, Great trader, thank you!

  7. Great trader, great auction, thanks!

  8. Great trade, thank you!!!

  9. Great member, thanks!!

  10. Great transaction as usual!

  11. Thoughtful, thank you so much!

  12. Great seller, Awesome DPRer!!! Pleasure to do "business" with!!

  13. Great game, thanks!

  14. great game, thanks!

  15. Great trader, thank you!!

  16. Great trade as usual!! Thanks! Hope to do it again soon :)

  17. Great trade, thank you so much!

  18. Great trade, thanks!

  19. Great trader, thank you!!

  20. Love my pin, thanks!

  21. Great game, thanks!

  22. Great game pins, thanks!!!

  23. Great game, thanks!

  24. Great game, great pins, Thanks!

  25. Great pin, thanks!!!