Feedback Profile of Shannon

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  2. Great sale with fair prices. Thank you!

  3. Great- Thank you :)

  4. Thanks so much. Great pins.

  5. Awesome seller and all around great member of DPF!

  6. Loved the pin. Shannon is awesome! Would buy again! Thanks so much! :D

  7. Great seller. Great communication. Very happy

  8. Smooth transaction, good communication, quickly shipped. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for playing my game!!!

  10. Thank you so much for the great deal!

  11. Great pins!!! Thanks so much. Packaged very good.

  12. Amazing trader, awesome trade! Hope to trade with again! Highly recommend! :)

  13. Great trader. Love my pin. Thanks.

  14. Wonderful trader! Thanks again for bidding on my auction!

  15. Thanks for the trade. It was a great pin :)

  16. Awesome trade. Thanks!

  17. Amazing trade with an amazing member of this wonderful hobby!! Thank you so much

  18. Awesome buyer, quick payment. Great DPF member! Thanks

  19. great seller

  20. Another great trade! Hope we can trade again. Thanks!!!

  21. Fast Payment thanks for playing. :)

  22. Great trader, good communication everything a trader looks for!

  23. Great trader I hope we trade again!

  24. Great DPFer, amazing buyer, thank you! A++++++

  25. Enjoy your Most Wanted pin!!!! Glad it is going to a good home!

  26. Thanks for the fast payment! Enjoy your pin!

  27. Thank you for participating in our game, fast payment, and patience! :)

  28. Great DPF buyer, thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!

  29. Great trade auction, very happy!

  30. very happy with the trade, very considerate and ships quickly!

  31. Beauitful Pins, Super Fast Shipping! Amazing Member All Around! Thanks! :)

  32. Great trades! I hope we can trade again. Thanks!

  33. Traded Shadowbox for Pins! LOVE my pin set, great communication awesome member

  34. Thanks for joining the co-op!

  35. great Buyer! Super Quck Payment!

  36. fast payment all around great person

  37. Paid so fast. :) Sweet as always. Thank you. :)

  38. Awesome Auction Trade!!!!!

  39. Great A+++ Member with a fast payment...

  40. Fab trade :) Looking forward to next time!

  41. Fab trade :) Looking forward to next time!

  42. Always fabulous to work with! Sent payment very quickly, thanks so much!

  43. Great trade! Thanks so much!

  44. Great to deal with, no problems at all!

  45. Thank you so much!!

  46. What a wonderful trader to deal with!!! I hope we can do it again very soon!!

  47. PIF,,sweet, swift and great communication. What a generous pin!

  48. Wonderful! Thank you!!!

  49. Great PIFer! :)

  50. Thank you for your purchase & prompt payment!

  51. Great trade! Great communication!

  1. Wonderful DPFer!!! Asset to the community!

  2. Great DPFer, THANKS!!

  3. Great buyer, thank you!!

  4. Great buyer, THANKS!!!

  5. Great trade, super nice person, thanks!!

  6. Adorable pin, Great trader, thank you!

  7. Great trader, great auction, thanks!

  8. Great trade, thank you!!!

  9. Great member, thanks!!

  10. Great transaction as usual!

  11. Thoughtful, thank you so much!

  12. Great seller, Awesome DPRer!!! Pleasure to do "business" with!!

  13. Great game, thanks!

  14. great game, thanks!

  15. Great trader, thank you!!

  16. Great trade as usual!! Thanks! Hope to do it again soon :)

  17. Great trade, thank you so much!

  18. Great trade, thanks!

  19. Great trader, thank you!!

  20. Love my pin, thanks!

  21. Great game, thanks!

  22. Great game pins, thanks!!!

  23. Great game, thanks!

  24. Great game, great pins, Thanks!

  25. Great pin, thanks!!!