Feedback Profile of TheMickeyMouseRules

  1. Purchased pins from a reasonably priced sale thread. Pins arrived quick and in excellent shape. Highly recommend!

  2. quick payment/good communication/ highly recommend. thanks

  3. Thank you for making the DPF event in 2019 so much fun!

  4. Thank you for the trading at the DPF event in Anaheim. Wonderful trader. Highly recommend!

  5. Thank you for trading at the DPF event in Anaheim. Love the new pin. Highly recommend!

  6. Love all the pins. Quick shipping. Resonable prices. Pins in excellent condition. Highly recommend. Thank you!

    • Seller
    • Tokaji (57)
    • May 12, 2019
  7. Thank you for the trade. Quick ship, fair negotiations, very nice trader. Highly recomment!

  8. Thank you for the Mickey Mouse trade! Always a pleasure to trade with you. Highly recommend!

  9. Thank you for the multi-trade! Friendly and great trader! Highly recommend!

    • Trader
    • cyke23 (60)
    • Apr 30, 2019
  10. Amazing trader! Older pins in great condition. Highly recommend!

  11. Wonderful trade for older pins in great shape! Highly recommend. Thank you

  12. Auction based trade. Included lovely zap! Fast Shipping! Highly recommend!

  13. Very nice trader. Thank you for trading!

  14. Excellent Multi-trade! Good communication, nice trader. Highly recommend!

  15. Thank you for helping me find some challenging Moana pins!

  16. Fun Funko/LoungeFly trade and a zap! Thank you so much. Highly recommend!

  17. Thank you for the zap! I love all of the hidden mickey pins.

  18. Fun Multi-Trade via mail. Quick shipping, pins in great shape. Thank you. Highly recommend!

  19. Set up pre trade for Animation Celebration (in person). Trade happened without issue. Highly recommend!

  20. Fast shipping. Pins in great condition. Fun trade! Thanks!

  21. Pin in original packaging and in good condition! Shipped fast! Highly recommend!

  22. Thank you again for the wonderful trade. Highly recommend!

  23. Thank you for the trade! Original packaging, excellent condition, fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  24. Have traded in person twice. Reliable, generous and kind trader. Pins in good condition and original packaging. Thank you!

  25. Pins in great condition, original packaging. Wonderful trader! Recommend!