Feedback Profile of Truckinallngt

  1. Great game! She went out of her way to send me pins that I collect!Love the pins

  2. Another great game! Love my pins and she solved a shipping issue in no time!

  3. Awesome game!! Thank you so much!!

  4. Thanks for the great games and prices! Love them all :D

  5. Great game, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the great game! :)

  7. Thanks for another great game! Sad it's you last. They were all so fun!!!

  8. Thanks for the game! :)

  9. Great game with amazing "consolation" prizes!! Thank you sooo much x2!

  10. Great game, with great prizes! Thanks so much!! :)

  11. Wonderful pin game and even cuter pin zaps! Thank you!

  12. Awesome game! I can't believe I won this beautiful Ariel grail! Thanks so much

  13. won pins on a game, recieved some great prizes worth every cent

  14. Great game prize! A+++

  15. Amazing Game! I'm absolutely hooked. You'll be seeing me in many future games!

  16. Another GREAT game with GREAT pins!! Thanks!

  17. Very kind pin trader! Wonderful DPF member!

  18. Another great game! Love my pins! Thank you!

  19. Wonderful game! Lovely keepers from my wants list. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the fun game!

  21. Another great game plus a great zap!

  22. OMG!!UNbelievable!!NO words except THANK YOU! AWESOME,FABU!!

  23. Thank you SO MUCH for the great game, and thoughtfully chosen pins!!!

  24. Had such a positive experience with her games. Thank you so much!

  25. Awesome game and pins!