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  1. 100% fabulous pickup

  2. Great to buy from; such a good, fair price & lovely lady!

  3. Such a nice lady who kindly picked me up a pin. Highly recommended to all :D

  4. Such a lovely lady; pins are certainly great :D

  5. Good all round seller - very pleased to receive my pin!!

  6. Lovely lady: friendly, open, honest and great sale. Hope you complete the set!

  7. Wonderfully friendly, helpful and real genuine collector. Thanks for great pins!

  8. Such a great person to trade with! Thanks for the great auction :)

  9. A pleasure to do business with you :)

  10. Absolutely First Class! Plus a great zap :) Credit to our Forum!

  11. Great buyer & very friendly! Enjoy your new addition :)

  12. Great prices for some stunning pins. Thank you Sandy!!

  13. Kind & careful lady and great transaction. Thank you for the zaps too :)

  14. Stunning pins from a great trade. Thank you!

  15. Such a sweet DPF member. A great sale-thank you =)

  16. Lovingly wrapped, great pin :)

  17. Wonderful, helpful seller and great credit to DPF :)

  18. Lovely and helpful lady with great pins that helped finish my set :)

  19. Winning her trade auction means I now own a truly beautiful pin. Thanks!!

  20. Great to do business with, great DPFer :)

  21. Such a sweet DPF member. A great sale-thank you =)

  22. Such a great person! Thanks for another successful sale Agent R 8-D

  23. Pins arrived in no time!! Thanks :)

  24. So friendly & the pins came so quickly. Thanks Alyssa-great sale :)

  25. So lovely; friendly helpful & patient - such a joy to deal with & great pins!!