2017 Holy Grail Thread. What are your top 5 Most Wanted pins?

Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by starry_solo, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. tiffychann

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    In no particular order! Pinpics ID is tiffychann

    Pin 120135 DSSH - Walk in the Park Series - Wendy, John, and Michael with Nana


    Pin 108367 DSSH - Cinderella Jumbo


    Pin 110645 WDI - Peter Pan's Flight - The Darling Children

    Pin 95377 DLR - Piece of Disney History 2013 - Peter Pan's Flight

    Pin 110675 Disney Store - Fairytale Designer Collection: Heroes and Villains - Elsa/Hans

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  2. Chessare23

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    My top 5 Grails are as follow:

    121617 - Millenium Falcon POM LE6000

    111336 - Diamond Decades Fantasmic Dragon LE3000

    109589 - Slave 1 Jumbo Ship

    109276 - Millenium Falcon Jumbo Ship

    109122 - ATAT Jumbo Ship
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  3. Spr175psu

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    Since my holy grails have changed since the last time I posted. Here is my holiest of grails and probably a pin that I will never see, let alone own.


    It's Pin Pics # 80947 and is LE 15.

    My sig basically covers the others, but this is the one that if I ever saw it listed anywhere or if anyone was trading it, I would do anything possible to get it.

    #2 is probably

    Pin Pics #28299.

    #3 is Pin Pics # 73197


    I have Ratty and Moley from this set (and Ichabod and Katrina) and need Toad and Headless.

    #4 - switching gears to Pin Pics # 39487.

    And finally #5 is a tie from the same collection Pin Pics #s 48739 and 48740



    All completely unattainable. But that's part of the fun. We're pin collectors, we're all masochists.
  4. Nasubionna

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    Limited edition of 15??? That's just cruel! You have my sympathies, friend. Best of luck to you, and that goes for the rest of your grails, too (incidentally, those villains front/back pins are pretty cool!)
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  5. pretty Omi

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    Alright, let's try putting a few of mine here!

    1. Pin 122643 DSSH - Beloved Tales - Zootopia

    2. Pin 88548 D23 Membership Exclusive - 40th Anniversary Bedknobs and Broomsticks Pin
    (I've never seen anyone have this pin, but I've seen like all the others in this series??)

    3. Pin 84138 DisneyStore.com - 110th Legacy Collection - Prince John and Robin Hood

    (I actually need both this one and the Japan one...)

    4. Pin 79971 DisneyStore.com - Halloween 2010 Villains Mystery Set - Sheriff of Nottingham Only

    5. Pin 66371 DisneyShopping.com - 35th Anniversary Robin Hood Pin Set (Prince John & Sir Hiss only)

    These are all grails towards my insane quests to become a completest for a few films :p


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