6/22/2012 - NEW Trade Forum Feature!

Discussion in 'DPF News & Announcements' started by Cicada, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. Cicada

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    In an effort to help sort out and organize our growing trade and auction forum(s) -- we've developed a new feature for our members!

    This new feature will allow our members to quickly and easily mark their ended auctions/sold items with a thread prefix and lock/close the thread at the same time, all with one click!

    here's how you do it:

    once your auction has ended and you've announced a winner, or you have sold your pin(s), near the top right of your first/original post in the thread, you'll see a menu called "Thread Tools"; there will be an option on that list to "Mark this thread as Sold". All you have to do is click it!


    this will immediately close your thread an apply the "Sold/Ended" Prefix to it, letting everyone know that the thread/item/auction is gone/over!

    you may undo this later by going through the same process, only the option will read "Mark this thread as unsold."

    Thanks for being a part of DPF and happy posting/auctioning!

  2. zoelovespins

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    This is really cool! Thanks guys :]
  3. Alexa

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    Agreed! I adore this feature. It helps out a lot.
  4. huertajv

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    Thank you,

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