Zapped! A Pixar Paradise Zap

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by summerskin, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. summerskin

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    Disneychildwithin and I had a large swap in addition to an auction win. I was super surprised when I got this large box in the mail that seemingly held way more than we agreed to swap. She was so kind and I was already so excited for the swap pins that I was speechless when I started unwrapping stuff. I found this amazing zap below.


    There are beautiful pins from Up and Nemo that went straight onto the collection boards, an adorable Stitch my daughter loves, a cute Nemo pencil, Incredibles towel, Monster's Inc Lip Balm, and a Boo charm. Everything was perfectly picked for and I adore all of it. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful and sweet Zap. You're truly the best. <3
  2. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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  3. watzshakinbacon

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    Congrats! Seems like your online trading experience is off to a great start

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    Ooh! Very cool! Congrats!
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  5. Booger1964

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    You both zapped each other very nicely! Congrats!
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  6. CCofRR13

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    Awesome ~ Congrats!
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  8. mickeymousje

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    Cute zap, congrats! :D
  9. Ajk

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    Lots of great stuff! Congrats!
  10. bcol

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