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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Brooklynn Nicole, Mar 6, 2018.

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  1. Brooklynn Nicole

    Brooklynn Nicole New Member

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    *** Beware! I am a newbie of pin trading and collecting, so I apologize if this is stupid! ***

    I just came across a website called Pinopolis Pin Game. I went on the website and was in love with the many gorgeous pins that they sell (not the game)! Of course, because I am weary of anything that I am not sure of, I stated researching these pins. I went on PinPics and I was able to find a fleat of pins on there, however that does not mean that they are official, right? I keep seeing that the pins are licensed, which is slightly reassuring. I just don't want to get any pins that I shouldn't!

    Can someone give me more informaton on these ACME/HotArt Pins? Are they tradable? Are they sought after? Are they good additions if you are just looking to collect pins?

    Any and all tips, tricks, and information is appreciated! And again, apologies if this is a stupid question!
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  2. khossler

    khossler Moana and Toy Story Collector!

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    I think Pinopolis is a game however I haven’t figured out how it works. I do think they are still able to be traded. I have a couple of ACME pins in my collection that I won in an auction on FB. I think most of them are larger in size. I’m attaching a picture. The large buzz and woody pins are the acme ones. You can see how much bigger they are than regular pins. [​IMG]

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  3. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    ACME pins are not produced or sold directly by Disney, but they are officially licensed, so ACME has official permission to produce and sell them. As such, they count as Disney pins and are tradeable. (There are some other companies that have or have had this arrangement too; Monogram, Willabee and Ward, and Bradford Exchange are some examples).

    I find that the smaller limited release pins are decent traders. The big LE100s seem to be much better as just collector pieces; a few of them are desired and trade well, but the large majority don't really seem to trade or sell for much more than their retail value (if that), so are pretty expensive and bulky (they are large pins that come in a larger box) to just have as traders.
  4. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    They are created by ACME/HotArt under license by Disney. i think the company that creates them is owned by PinPics.
  5. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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    I think whomever owns Pinpics just has a license to sell and distribute, as the owner should be ACME galleries (they license many different things such as actual art prints and more).
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  6. LadyBarclay

    LadyBarclay Active Member

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    Thank you for asking this! I was a little confused by the site as well, since it talks about pins being "currency for the game." Also, I see people selling these pins on eBay, while they are still available on the site for less? For instance, Dancing Princesses Merida is $26.60 on the site, LE 300 and still available, but has been sold three times recently on eBay for around $40? What's up with that? Purchasers who are unaware?
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  7. Brooklynn Nicole

    Brooklynn Nicole New Member

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    Glad I am not the only one confused!
  8. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    Only explanation seems to be purchasers who are unaware.

    So I played pinopolis... Once. Didn't care for it. It seemed like modified poker using pins instead of playing cards. I played during their testing phase, so maybe it's more interesting now, but it sucked the fun out of what I love about pin trading... IMO.

    That said... I do love a lot of the acme pins and have bought quite a few. Big fan of the pins.
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  9. TheMickeyMouseRules

    TheMickeyMouseRules Cat Expert Mouse Authority and Paperfolder

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    Received this Acme/Hotart/Pinopolis shipping update today:

    "Here is what we know as of right now!

    Golden Magic Series #1 (Mickey, Snow, Stitch candy, Ariel and Genie) are here and we are shipping now. Check your emails for tracking!

    Divas and Dreamers - We have 2 more week in production. Which means with shipping we are expecting these pins in roughly 3 weeks.

    Taste of Royalty and Princess Profiles - We have 3 more weeks of production. Which means with shipping - approx. 4 weeks

    Classic Cutout #1 Series (Ursula, Belle Picnic, Mali Dragon, Marie, Rapunzel and Flynn, Ariel Shadow, Alice and Stitch reading) Have approved samples. Will be in production for another 3-5 weeks. with shipping - 6 weeks.

    Classic Cutouts #2 Series (Cute and Fluffy Stitch, Mrs. Potts and Chip, Pooh and Friends, Olaf, Scar, Kiss the Girl, Bambi and Ariel and Sebastian) We are waiting on approved samples still.

    Ariel Puzzle Set - Awaiting Approved samples.

    Under the Sea Circle Series - Awaiting Approved Samples."

    I am so absolutely, over the moon excited to received the golden magic series pins I ordered back on 29Sept2017...
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  10. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the update. I am ready for the Golden Magic 1 Genie.
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