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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by iujen94, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hello all! I'm brand new here, so bear with me for my ignorance! We just got back from an Adventures by Disney trip to Montana, where the 4 of us each got a lanyard and 7 pins (one for each day of the trip), plus a special 4th of July pin. We also went on an ABD trip to Costa Rica a few years ago, and I'm pretty sure I have a couple of complete pin sets from that trip, and a couple of partial sets. While I'd like to keep one pin set from each trip, my DH and my teenage sons have no interest in theirs, so I figured I'd try to recoup a little of the trip expense!

    Is there a market for Adventures by Disney pins, on this forum or elsewhere? Or are they too "niche" to have much value? I'd love any suggestions you may have for maximizing their value - should I sell them as a set with the lanyard or individually, on the auction site on this forum, on the "for sale" page of this forum, etc. Thanks for any help and suggestions you can provide!
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    There are very few ABD pins that are worth more than a couple of dollars on the aftermarket, i.e. if they have any of the Fab family on them (like most of them). If they have popular themes or characters on them, they will sell well. I have a couple of the Costa Rica ones, and they are in my OE trade book. Here's the pinpics search for the Pura Vida ABD collection. Pluto with the butterflies is the most popular one because there are butterflies on it.
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    Depending on the characters and pins some are extremly valuable.
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    Some of the Adventures by Disney pins can be worth quite a fortune. Mostly, it's dependent on character. So pins featuring Frozen, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast pins can be worth a lot while Mickey & Friends pins aren't worth as much. Unauthorized ABD pins made their way out of the Chinese factories into the pin collecting community several years back (and are apparently still out there, looking at some currently for sale). So being able to show that you have authentic pins is a big deal. You are definitely going to want to research your specific pins so that someone doesn't "lowball" you. Ebay sold auctions are the usual recommended place for checking value, but some of the ABD stuff is so rare, there are no sold auctions to compare too.

    Ebay is still the place with the most "eyes" so that is where you would make the most money. Pin Groups on Facebook is probably the 2nd most profitable. Here, if you have the right price and the right person looking for the pin you could sell quickly. But many people have niche collections so making a match could take awhile. FYI, the Auction area of this forum is only with other pins as currency. Not cash. The entire marketplace has restrictions before you can start a sale thread. 10 days a member / 30 posts. Selling individual is usually the best way for maximizing profit. Sometimes people can come up with $50 for 1 pin, but $350 for a set of 7 is a lot harder.

    And I am a 4th of July collector, so I would be interested in that one.
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    There are a few Adventure ones I'd like but they're going for too much on eBay right now, so there is a market. I did manage to trade for one, but it's hard.
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    Thanks everyone - this is really helpful! I checked, and most of my pins have the fab 5. One of the Montana pins has Pete, and one of the Costa Rica pins has Sebastian from Little Mermaid, but sounds like the other ones wouldn't be that exciting. Darn it, I got all excited after seeing a lanyard of pins on eBay sell for over $100! :)
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    It all depends on how much you expect to get back. I personally love, unique Fab 5 pins and my husband collects Pluto. If I saw a complete ABD lanyard in a local antique store for $50, I would buy it. $75, I could do one lanyard, but it would take another month before I would buy another $75. $100, if it was my theme, or a place we had also visited, I'd do that too, but then I'd have to wait awhile before buying another one too. The point being, it would take time to find a buyer at $100

    If "any little bit will do" there is nothing wrong with just throwing them up on Ebay and seeing what happens, especially if you have previous Ebay selling experience (so good seller feedback). But in that case, I would do lanyard + pins and a piece of cute extra paperwork from your trip, that can prove authenticity (not a bill) and not try to sell them individually. But it comes down to who is looking for what when. The same stuff can be $40 one day and $100 3 months later.
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    What hopemax said. Really, I should just copy and paste that for everything. lol

    Many are worth very little and some are worth quite a lot. There's one in my signature here (my wants list) that I've never actually seen come up anywhere for trade or sale (and honestly I have some questions therefore about its authenticity), but it's one of my most wanted pins simply because I don't have it. It's a matter of finding the right collector for what you have. :)

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