Zapped! All hail Carissa! Queen of zapping!

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    Once upon a time, a long time ago, (this past Saturday to be exact) there was a man.

    He was no ordinary man. He wore threads of cornflower blue upon his back and he was girded about the waist with cloth of the rarest cotton polyester blend. His head was attuned with a sandstone colored covering, much like that of a mighty jungle hunter. He carried a satchel slung over his shoulder like a Greek God wearing a toga. He was magnificent. And he was on his way to greet me.

    He sojourned many an hour, making his way across the barren wasteland that is known only as “downtownâ€. He braved this trek, to meet me at my veranda.

    Finally, he arrived! My heart raced with excitement as he approached my humble door. He greeted me with a smile and outstretched his arms to me. I took the box lovingly in my hands and said “thank you, kind sir†before rushing inside and slamming the door in the messenger’s face. Peasant.

    I danced to my elongated cushioned throne and grabbed my nearest dagger. I sliced the sticky plastic strip until it was decimated.

    Upon opening this parcel of goodness, I see this odd sight:


    What mean these symbols??? I discovered that I had been shockingly electrified... I think you call this “zapped†but I’m not sure I’m using the term correctly.

    I saw a strange sight! A trio of parchment arachnids, stating that I had indeed been “zapped†by the fair maiden, Romancing_Train!


    I discovered, amongst these oddly symboled papyrus sheets, a bevy of treasures... all for me!

    I dug into the cubed vessel and uncovered an orange orb called a “ninja bath bombâ€. Alas, before I could capture a still of it, my dear husband took it and placed it in our bathtub and bathed with it! The fool! It melted away into a plastic figure of (what I assume is) a “ninjaâ€. Now I shall NEVER know what a “bath bomb†is supposed to do.

    I digress. Upon further inspection, I beheld numerous pairs of soft, fuzzy clothing to place upon one’s feet. They had a funny little magenta and lavender cat on them.


    Next, I happened upon a drinking chalice that was formed like a feline. Apparently, when one drinks liquids of varying temperatures, the feline blinks. Odd, yet satisfying. This image shows the cube that the chalice is in, along with one of the dragons (known as Mimzy) that resides here. She approves.


    And the chalice itself:


    Then, I discovered a figurine with a very large cranium. Her name is Marie and she is also a feline. I have no idea what a “Funko†is, but they appear to make a superior product.


    Nearing the end of the box, I found my favorite treasures in the box.

    Firstly, this set of magnificent bracelets to place upon my dainty wrists. Such jewelry is usually reserved for nobles, so I am honored. I shall wear them with pride, while trying to remain humble.


    Next I uncovered a handbag that, I believe, may be using witchcraft... because it giveth me life. That is to say, I adore it more that feeble words can describe.


    Lastly, inside the handbag, was a beautiful brooch. It’s far too stunning to wear, but I shall keep it always. I know that this is part of a trio... but my heart cannot take so much beauty... this is by far my favorite one of the three.


    If you’ve read this far, you have more patience than an Amish woman at a butter churn.

    Sincerely, with all joking and frivolity aside, Carissa this is one of the kindest and most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received. It’s like you knew my heart and knew exactly what things I cherish.

    You are one of the sweetest people on DPF and I cannot thank you enough. The time and care you spent putting this together reduced me to tears.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you... from the bottom of my heart.

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    I wouldn't say I have the patience of an Amish woman churning butter, but I did read the whole thing and it definitely remeinds me of playing D&D.. XD
    Very funny and descriptive, congrats on the zap and and the Alice wonders.. lol witchcraft bag

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  3. coblj003

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    Congrats Savannah, what an awesome package to receive. Speaking of the Amish comment, you now have me craving fresh bread...
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  4. watzshakinbacon

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    Congrats! That's awesome!
  5. Disneychildwithin

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    So much fun stuff, congrats!
  6. pretty Omi

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    This was so much fun to read! Also what an awesome surprise!
  7. Addicted to Alice Pins

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    I truly don't know what is more magnificent, the zap or your storytelling. Ha ha ha. The zap is amazing!!!! But I also sincerely wish the people we pay to write for us could do as delightful and enjoyable a job as you have done here, Savannah!
  8. Ventchick

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    Well I am looking for a job.... ;)

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  9. Ventchick

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    Hubs and I play D&D! It’s so much fun. My character is a dwarf warrior named Jezebelda LOL

    And yes, ‘tis witchcraft!

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  10. mickeymousje

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    Haha I totally agree with Addicted to Alice Pins, the zap is magnificent but your storytelling is too! Congrats on the magnificent zap! :D
  11. teddy_ruxpin

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    Your storytelling is fantastic. Congrats on the wonderful zap .Carissa is amazing!! I love that cute Happy cat mug ,Marie and the Alice in wonderland things!
  12. Romancing_Train

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    Omgourd. We play pathfinder!!

    My character is a pink Gnome named Ara Ara Ara. She's a thief.
  13. PixiePost

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    Congratulations on all your goodies! I especially love the mug (and your kitty in the background)!

    Way to go, Carissa!
  14. CCofRR13

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    LOVED the story telling....speaking of D&D, I have a group of 19 year olds about to descend upon my home for their weekly round of D&D....must get snacks...

    Congrats on the fabulous ZAP!

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