Another Pin Board is Retired :(

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by PinFanatic, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge has, sadly, retired the pin board that was at Johari Treasures. Named by a young Guest, Sally the Giraffe Pin Board debuted at Johari Treasures in January of 2016 and now, due to the deterioration of the board, it has been replaced by a standard pin trading book. The image below was taken on its debut evening back in 2016. :(

  2. bookhugger

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    Liking for the board, not the post :(
  3. CCofRR13

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    It's a shame they did not replace it with another animal silhouette
  4. starry_solo

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    I remember that board, so cute!
  5. watzshakinbacon

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    That's a cute board!! It would've been nice to have replaced it with another animal like @CCofRR13 said
  6. pinglet

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    (Me too, sad unicycle giraffe.)
    A tragic loss. Gone too soon. RIP (Rest In Pins).
  7. Lisa Lopez

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    Really cute and it had some good pins on it when it debuted. Wish I saw pins like that on boards in Disneyland
  8. AlaskanMalamute

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    I know right, I feel like all of DLR boards don’t even compare to just one from WDW resorts.
  9. luvlionk

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    Super cute board too bad it is gone :(
  10. arielsdinglehopper

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    RIP Sally :(

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