Are any Wdi Easter pin for 2018?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by PRCYR04, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. PRCYR04

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    hi: does anybody know if there was a wdi pin for Easter this year?
  2. echan50

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    I don't think there was. Even DSF/DSSH didn't have an Easter set or pins related to spring released.
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  3. pins4twin

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    Yeah, I asked a friend about WDI St Patrick's day, but they didn't have any pins for that day either. They usually have some holidays, but much fewer than in past years. Also, neither WDI or DSSH are doing a monthly calendar pin this year.
  4. Purplemandms

    Purplemandms Like the candy!

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    I think that their "spring" release was supposed to be the flowers - but agree that normally they have something that's specifically labeled with the year.
  5. timeerkat

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    Yes, the DSF flower release was meant to be the Spring/Easter pin set this year. They always do holiday releases (monthly releases, not surprise) a few weeks before the actual holiday.
  6. echan50

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    That makes a lot of sense. I guess I've been used to the egg designs from DSF/DSSH. I'm dating myself LOL!

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