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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Arendelle, Aug 2, 2018.

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  1. Arendelle

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    I have recently purchased quite a few Ariel pins from a “retired” Ariel collector and I’m thinking about just buying the rest of her collection in its entirety. She has many of my grails as she is an older pin collector and got all of her pins directly and was not a pin trader per say. I’m struggling with how much to offer as I’m low on funds, but want to be sure to actually secure the pins as I am actually very interested. As most of these pins I would want to just put directly into my personal collection, it’s not like I’m flipping her collection so there is not like a standard formula I can use to make sure I “come out ok” or whatever. Many of these pins haven’t sold for years, but aren’t the big standard Ariel grails, she’s already sold those. (I.e carousel horse, Nouveau). Just ones a fish-girl lover drools over! How do you figure out prices when buying large quantities and not necessarily “wanting” all of them? Just looking for suggestions!

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    I guess an option is to offer a co-op for the pins you don't want. That way you can split the cost.
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    Yes, this would be a great option.
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