Ariel Puzzle Pin LE 600 (pin 102494)

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by NDBounce, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Can someone help me verify whether or not this pin is real? I am trading for it via mail. The good news is that I have not mailed my pin out, so I can return this pin.

    My concerns are:

    The splash in the upper left corner - there is a "bubble" that should be white, but is blue.

    The splash that touches the left side of my girlfriend's face (so when looking at the pin it is to the right side) it is partially white and partially blue.

    The waffle pattern on the back has a border on the botton (it does have the laser number though - and I noticed SEVERAL of the Love is an Adventure pins do not have waffle patterns that span the whole pin)

    If anyone else owns this pin and can help me I'd greatly appreciate it!





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  2. chubs191

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    These pins were not the greatest quality when released. Tons of color errors, bubbles, pinpricks, terrible borders ect. That being said they were being sold by a certain ice-cold seller on eBay who is a notorious scrapper seller. I'm not sure I have a real one, because I didn't pull mine from a box, so I can't help you in that accord. I just wanted it to help finish my set I had been working on for 3 years.
  3. sockgnome

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    Bumping this up- I have the Vanessa and the other Ariel pin from this set, and the backs are different from each other. One is similar to NDBounce's pic, while the other has a slightly less shiny metal (but still has a serial number stamp). Wondering if anyone has a pic of a known authentic pin in this series?
  4. Snoffsan

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    I have all the pins of this set except from this one! The last one we need. All the pin backs are very different. Made me look closer and wonder if I have any fakes. But I bought most of them my self in the park. only traded for a few. the problem is that I cant remember what ones...

    This also made me look thorugh My other daughters BatB puzzle set and found a very obvious fake there :( I thought we only missed on in that set as well but now it looks like we miss 2 becasue I really want a real one.

    The worst thing is that I know both of the ones we are missing in the BatB set have been faked. It would break my heart to learn that the last one we are missing in TLM set is also faked! :(
  5. NDBounce

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    I ended up not trading, as I saw a real one, and the back looked different, namely it had a more "brushed" look than shiny look.

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