Beloved Tales, Dark Tales, Beloved Tails....Tell Me Your Tale!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by curiousdinah, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. curiousdinah

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    For those of you who saw my post in response to the Dark Tales and the suggestion for an Animal set called Beloved Tails, it seemed to strike a chord. So, just for fun, what scene would you want to see in a Beloved Tails Series ? And what other Beloved Sequel Series can you think of. They did villians, so maybe Heroic Tales ? Thoughts ?

    As for Beloved Tales, we clearly need the sign where Alice is reading to Dinah.
    For Lilo and Stitch, maybe on where she's petting him on the head a bit like a dog.
  2. scarsiandam

    scarsiandam Jessie the Kitty Lover ♥

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    What a cute/great idea. I didn't brainstorm much, but I would love Sarabi with Baby Simba, and Mama Jumbo holding Baby Dumbo. :D Curious to see other ideas, I hope they make this set! hehe. I LOVE Disney Animals!
  3. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    I've never been fan of the scene chosen for Cinderella or Alice. Being a Chesie fan, I'd love to see Alice with him but I'd be happy with Dinah or the Queen.
  4. curiousdinah

    curiousdinah Active Member

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    Yes, the current Cinderella scene would be great for an animal series.
  5. Justin_Bieber

    Justin_Bieber Member

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    Marvel tales
    Barf tales grossest disney moments
    Smurf tales nothing to do with disney character
  6. SoraPandora

    SoraPandora Well-Known Member

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    There's an LE 100 Disney Auctions set called "Animal Pals" which is a bit reminiscent of the circular Beloved Tales... But there were only a few pins released in that set - Figaro and Cleo (one of my grails), Bambi and Thumper, Gus and Jaq, Timon and Pumbaa, and Dumbo and Timothy. It would be lovely if Disney expanded on that and made more (with a higher LE number so more of us would get a chance to add them to our collection)!


    Here are a few I'd love to see:
    Figaro with Cleo (Figaro alone would be fine, too) ;)
    Lucifer sneaking up on the mice (I think asking for Lucifer alone would be too much!)
    Nana (maybe trying to fly?)
    Lucky, staring up at the television set
    Dinah, staring down the rabbit hole
    Meeko and Percy (Once again, I think Percy alone would be too much to wish for!)

  7. ThisIsSimba1

    ThisIsSimba1 Resident Marvel Nerd

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    I know you're joking, but please Disney, for the love of Excelsior, don't do that to me lol! I'd love it, but I'd never be able to afford the ones I'd need (all of them!)

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  8. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Sidekick tales? Lol with the sidekicks from the princesses etc like chip, meeko, olaf, jaq & gus, pascal etc
  9. jazzytrumpet

    jazzytrumpet Active Member

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    For Beloved Tails, I would like to see the animals from Snow White tugging on the dwarfs to get them to rescue Snow White.
  10. curiousdinah

    curiousdinah Active Member

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    The Meeks, Percy, and Flint pic cracks me up. And would make a good pin
  11. NutMeg

    NutMeg I tie my own sandals.

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    My faves are Stitch, Dug, Tick Tock Croc, Ratigan, and Joanna from Rescuers Down Under. I'd love to see them all in this hypothetical series, especially the last two - Ratigan only has a few pins, and Joanna has a whopping two. Oh, and Pua from Moana! So adorable and sooo underused in the film. Still not over it. Although tbh, despite being a huge animal lover, a lot of the animal sidekicks really annoy me, like Abu, the mice from Cinderella, and literally any animal character from Tarzan. And don't get me started on the depressing animal-centric films - Bambi, Dumbo, and The Fox and the Hound all traumatized me as a kid! Not to mention the cats almost drowning in Aristocats and the freaking PLANNED SKINNING OF DOGS in 101 Dalmatians (wtf, Disney??)

    I love the idea of Heroic Tales, though. They sort of started that with the Love is Strength set from LIAA, and those turned out awesome. I love pins that reference specific scenes instead of generic character poses. Makes me remember why I love Disney movies so much in the first place. These are several personal favorites that I think would make for stunning pins:

    - Mulan climbing the pole. I'd also suggest the hair-cutting scene, but I suppose there's already the 30th Anniversary pin for that and it's really beautiful.
    - Hercules rescuing Meg's soul. I'd LOVE a pin of him swimming toward her, reaching out for her hand - maybe they could even work in the Fates preparing to cut the string. Such an epic moment!!
    - Meg pushing Herc out of the way of the falling column.
    - Quasimodo raising Esmeralda above him as he shouts for sanctuary.
    - Esmeralda standing up for Quasimodo at the Festival of Fools. Maybe cutting his ropes, or raising her fist when she yells "justice!"
    - Belle sacrificing her freedom to save her father.
    - Beast saving Belle from the wolves.
    - Anna saving Elsa. Would look really cool with the sword shattering against her hand!

    Those are just my fave ideas, but there are so many other possibilities! Flynn sacrificing himself by cutting Rapunzel's hair, Pocahontas flinging herself on top of John Smith, Philip and the fairies battling Maleficent's dragon (honestly, the fairies don't get enough credit for their role in that!), Merida in the archery competition, Mufasa saving Simba from the stampede... can I just make this a fantasy series myself??
  12. jazzytrumpet

    jazzytrumpet Active Member

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    Lots of great ideas.

    I think one with the animated animals in Enchanted would cute too
  13. curiousdinah

    curiousdinah Active Member

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    I really liek the idea of Herc rescuing Meg's soul.
  14. Tennokoh

    Tennokoh Member

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    They still need to make an Emperor's New Groove BT, so patiently waiting for that. Hope they can do something with Kuzco and Pacha since we're getting the Yzma Dark Tales.
  15. unibear

    unibear DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Actually I'd like Pacha's family in the BT, since his wife and three kids have never been on a (non-fantasy) pin.
  16. fantasia1

    fantasia1 Member

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    I actually thought of the idea Beloved Tails of animals myself too! I'm going crazy others had the idea too! How cool! ;)

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