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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Walt, Oct 16, 2017.

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    Hey this collection was posted already, but I just bought it and am very excited about it!! I have collecting pins since I was 6, but have been getting more into it as I have more money and more accessibility to pins (hard to collect when your only access to pins is a few day family vacation every year!). Anyway, I have been loading a bunch of my pins to pinpics, I still have about 100 to go, but I have very few that Id actually want to trade. When I saw this collection, with a bunch of decent pins with good trade rations, and a few real gems for a reason able price, I pounced on it. I was worried at first because I noticed some clearly fake pins, but figured the amount of legit LE pins outweighed the risk, and I got the lot for a fair price.

    Really excited about these:

    These pins made me hesitant at first to buy the collection: I know the pins in the first pic of this link are fantasy... if anyone is interested in them let me know! They are kinda cool, but I dont want to put clearly counterfeit pins back in circulation, so I would part with them only if someone really wants to them and doesn't intend to trade them elsewhere. The second picture is filled with pins I am unsure about their authenticity. A few of them have scrapper warnings. (Edit I have identified the gold and white cast recognition pin what a bonus!!)
    Lastly the crown jewel of the lot! Pin 23635 Disney Auctions - Photo Booth Shots (Mickey)

    Highlights of the collection:
    Pin 23635 Disney Auctions - Photo Booth Shots (Mickey)
    Pin 3441 DL - Cast Member - Cast Recognition Clock Series - Small World
    Pin 19867 WDW - Wanna Trade Pin Series (Chip & Dale) Surprise Release
    Pin 3341 DLR - Autopia Driver's License Series (Pluto)
    Pin 34468 WDW Cast Lanyard Series #3 - Epcot Parking Signs With Figment (Wonder)
    Pin 84974 DLR - Sci-Fi Academy Alumni - 'Piece' of Alderaan History
    Pin 34161 WDW - Choose Dumbo 2004 (Surprise Release)

    Most of these will be for up for trade!
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  2. hopemax

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    FYI, those pins are old time Fantasy pins (compared to the more recent Fantasy pins). People tried to make things to imply a specific character, without being actual infringement. You see a clownfish you think Nemo, backsides of characters etc. Some are more successful at truly avoiding copyright infringement than others. But they aren't counterfeit pins, or the pins coming out of China with the intent to pass them off as authentic and official Disney pins. Or even the current crop of fantasy pins which are blatant in their infringement.

    I mention this, because I would not doubt the authenticity of any of the pins based on the inclusion of those pins. Although, that 100 Years of Walt pin in the center looks like it's missing its silkscreening. Which may or may not mean it's questionable. The rest of the 2nd picture that you are questioning, look like a bunch of older pins. The two mermaids, the castle, and the yellow and red building are all Disneyland GWP map pins that came out in the early to mid-2000s. The Mickey icon with a question mark is a completer pin from an event at Disneyland called Where's Mickey.

    So you got a good deal.
  3. Walt

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    Thank you so much, I am not as familiar with older pins and this was extremely helpful!!!
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    So what is your pinpics ID?
  5. Walt

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  6. Tbird

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    Hey Walt, I'll sell you my collection if you want to buy another one.
  7. Walt

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    Tbird, thanks for the offer but most likely will pass. Feel free to pm me the info, but I got a great deal on that collection I posted above otherwise I would have passed too.
  8. watzshakinbacon

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    I see you're offering dumbo for trade! plz check my traders: watzshakinbacon

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