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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by MerlinEmrys, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. Abyssinian28

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    OMG, 2007? What time frame? We were there in April. That would be hilarious if we were there at the same time and were, like, in each other's photos, in the background and stuff!

    We pushed our trip back in April almost too far and nearly missed sakura season.
  2. tiffychann

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    I visited back in Thanksgiving 2007!

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  3. pincrazy

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    Enjoy when I find or see Asian themed pins, but hard to find. Stitch #35652 is in one of my favorite woodblock prints, that I've enjoyed seeig in Merlin's grails. I was able to find Mickey and Minnie in kimono for my New Year Collection, yay! Also found Mickey playing taiko but these are tough. The coolest was when DLR had the fortune cookies, the packaging was a takeout box, the pin was ok but so heavy. : p
    Mulan's anniv had some nice pins this year, Lunar New Year Lilo/Stich, and some Baymax is usually when Asian themed pins are easier to find. Wish thrte were more:p:stitch:
    After seeing backpacks or candy apples, can't wait for SHAVED ICE pins ! :cool:
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  4. krand1276

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    Ooh! Shave ice! I miss that from Hawaii! Well, that and most of the foods.

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  5. pilcrow

    pilcrow ΒΆ

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    I casually collect this theme. I have another mini-theme to add to your list: Hagoita! I have the Fab Five dangle set, like this Pluto one. There are a few others featuring them though!
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