Designer Villains?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by Justin_Bieber, May 23, 2017.

  1. Justin_Bieber

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    I just got the Maleficent and Ursula Designer Villain pins does anyone know if there are counterfeits or if counterfeits are being made of these pins?
  2. sockgnome

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    There's no evidence on eBay that fakes are being sold of these pins.
  3. pandamallory

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    I do not believe so ... well at lest not yet
  4. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    None. Actually, none of the designers have been scrapped.

    Someone made a fantasy pin of the ariel/Ursula heroes vs villains pin though
  5. DisneyFurEver

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    I am not aware of any scrappers or counterfeits of those pins either.

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