Disney Figural Key Rings

Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by Darkwing, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. jazzytrumpet

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    Wait, what? People were opening up sealed packages to find out who was inside? That sounds crazy!
  2. PixiePost

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    Yep. :sad:

    Multiple times, unfortunately.
  3. dancecats

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    I hadn't heard about this, but sadly it doesn't surprise me. When you have been a member of a collectible-based community for as long as I have, it seems like there is almost no level to which (some) people will sink to attempt to get what they want. Give it a few more years and stories like this will start to make you feel sad and embarrassed for your community rather than shocked.
  4. Luna_Ray

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    So just to update, I did manage to find them at Walmart, but only the second princess series, the one with Merida and Mulan and such, and the Tsum Tsum keyrings. I also found the Tsum Tsum keyrings at Michael's, they seem to be the easiest to find as I've seen multiple different series at all the stores. For anybody in Canada looking, I also happened to check in Chapters when I stopped into Starbucks for a gift card, and saw they had the Marvel characters in the sale section. I know they sell Mystery Minis there so I went looking around for different series, but could only find the Marvel ones. I have a sneaking suspicion that they were somewhere in the store, but I was at a point where I was distracted by so many other things (I love Chapters, I have to will myself not to shop there as I'll spend all my money, and it's my go-to destination when a zombie outbreak happens).

    Anyways, I ended up buying Donald, Chip, and Dale off eBay and spent a little over $34 CAD, or $24 USD, not too bad in my opinion. They were reasonably priced (I think the Dale one was most expensive at $4.70 USD) and they do combined shipping. Some of the keyrings here were in the $9 CAD range, the cheapest I saw was $7 (not including the $5 Marvel ones on sale), so I feel like I would have spent around that much or more trying to get the 3 I wanted in the blind bags. I think I'll pick up some of the series 11 ones in June if I see them as they're really cute, and then I can participate in the fun 'surprise' element of the blind bags :)
  5. Manta

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    I just bought the coronation Elsa one off eBay because I have NO patience and don't trust myself to feel the characters through the bags. :p I will probably go buy an actual blind bag now that I know for sure I'll have the keychain I really really wanted in the first place, lol. :lol: I can't wait for Elsa to get here in the mail :D

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