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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by cyke23, May 11, 2018.

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    I have a case-it, basically a binder that has additional pockets and can be zipped closed. I like using the plastic sheets, e.g. 9-baseball-card-pockets, to hold the standard size carded pins and perfect fit for the case-it. But for those who use something similar (3-ring binder style), what do you use to hold the non-carded pins? I'm using foam sheets that I put in a document cover. It's extra work to pull the sheet from the cover and then put it back in. Any suggestions?
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    I use Case-It binders and baseball card sleeves too.
    For non-card back pins, I found coin sleeves. They seem heavier duty than the baseball card sleeves and they come in a few sizes. The coin sleeves are also 3 hole punched and fit into the Case-It zip binders.
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    I also use Case Its and baseball card sleeves. For my non-carded pins, I get paint chip cards (the cards found in paint aisles at Walmart, OSH, etc.) and cut them down to fit. I use those as stand-in backer cards. They make my books colorful and lets the pin stand out against a complimentary color. I usually also write if it's an LE and edition size, if it's AP/PP, etc. on the card next to the pin.
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    Coin/slide pages are good for PTDs pre-backer card style or pins from mystery box sets as the slots are large enough for the pin itself. If I purchased the mystery box pin that I intended to use as a trader I cut down the box to keep the front and back of box so people can see the series the pin is from.

    But if you can't find anything but the 9-pocket pages and want a cheap and easy backer card I use business cards. Most business cards are blank on the back and they are about the same size as rack pin backer cards so you know they will fit into pocket.
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