Dust(?) issue with 17" doll boxes, clear portions

Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by Elphaba, Mar 10, 2017.

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    Does anyone else find that the clear portions of their 17" doll boxes get a kind of dust/watermark staining VERY quickly?

    I'm wondering if maybe my place is just THAT dusty, but it doesn't seem to happen with any other boxes I have, and I also run a HEPA filter 24/7.

    The "dust watermarks" I'm talking about are somewhat stubborn to remove but CAN be removed fully. They are thin, I'm not talking about a cake of dust or something here. It's more like a "stain," it's that thin.

    I don't like to do this often because if there is anything sharp on the box or my cloth, I could accidentally scratch up this soft plastic while trying to clean it - I figure, if I do it less often, the plastic will get less scratched. But the watermarks are ugly and also kind of...strange? Like, I almost wonder if it's not dust at alll, but the plastic is changing somehow, or has it got a strong static pull that create such "dust stains" quicky.

    Has anyone else noticed something like this with the clear plastic portions of their 17" doll boxes? Any ideas about why it happens or how to prevent it?
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    My LE Princess Elsa's box gets dust all over it WAY quicker than any of my other doll display things do. I think the fancy plastic simply attracts dust for some weird reason. I take Elsa out quite often, so that probably helps slow the dust down, I guess, but her box does get dusty oddly fast. Your theory about the static pull sounds logical to me, especially after the umpteen times Elsa's box has "static-ed" me, haha:p
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    Hmmm on the one hand I know the plastic holds a static charge like nobody's business, I have no idea where it's drawing the electricity from but it's always there! On the other hand, I've only found regular dust on mine (my place is crazy dusty) not like what you're describing. Do you have a microfiber cloth? It could help both in efficiently removing the residue and not worrying about scratching the surface.
  4. dragonshade

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    I dust mine off once a month and it doesnt seem to accumulate quite like what your describing

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