Sold/Ended: Expanding my collection!!!!

Discussion in 'Completed Pin Sales' started by NChouser, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. NChouser

    NChouser Active Member

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    Good evening everyone!!!!

    I am back at it again...this time I am ONLY looking to collect

    Trading just has lost its luster for me with the scrappers.


    I am looking for nearly ANY pins from the following movies

    Robin Hood

    Fox and the Hound

    Great Mouse Detective

    Looking for LE and OE even too

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. timeerkat

    timeerkat Your Friend Who Likes To Play

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    I have a bunch of pins, at least one from each of those movies, though more Robin than GMD or Fox and the Hound.

    Take a look at my pinpics and let me know what you need.
  3. fantasia1

    fantasia1 Member

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    I have #84807 fox and hound pin
    and #13668 Robin Hood
    let me know if you want to work something out! Are you trying to buy or trade?
  4. maiarebecca

    maiarebecca Active Member

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    I have some robin hood. You can look at my traders on pinpics: maiarebecca
  5. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    I only have this pin if you're interested: #114737
  6. NChouser

    NChouser Active Member

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    Buying pins only for my collection/display I am making in my office!
  7. RobinHood13

    RobinHood13 New Member

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    I too am looking for Robin Hood pins.
    Willing to trade or buy.

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