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    Greetings all, and welcome to DPF's Auction House! We have implemented the following general forum rules (don't fret - they're very easy to abide by) in order to help trade auctions run smoothly and efficiently.

    • You may post your authorized Disney pins for trade auction in this forum.
    • DPF is not a cash auction site. No auctions can be posted where a cash winner is accepted.
    • We request members only have a maximum of 2 open trade auction threads at a time.
    • A specific end date and time must be predominately displayed in the original post of your thread. This end date and time must be adhered to, as an auction will not be allowed to end early, or be extended. An auction cannot be closed due to unsubstantial bids.
    • All posts and threads in the auction house can not be edited. Be sure to read through your original posts and bids carefully before posting, as the first post is final.
    • The OP recognizes that they are putting a pin up for bid, and they may not necessarily get the offers that they are looking for. While it is encouraged to lead bidders in a direction of style pin you are looking for, reserves are prohibited. A pin (all pins) put up for auction must be traded to one of the offers made at the specified end date.
    • All auctions must be available to the entire forum. No private auctions are allowed.
    • Please limit bumps to one per day, or a bump may not be needed if the thread is active with offers/inquiries/leaderboards.
    • A winner should be selected and announced publicly within 24 hours of the auction end date.
    • Feedback can, and should, be left appropriately for trades made through this forum.
    • Please make sure that pin you are auctioning is physically in your possession.
    • Mods and Admins may, at their discretion, combine, close, or remove any redundant threads/posts by a single member.
    • Please report any premature auctions closures, or auctioneers not properly picking a winner at auction end.
    • All trade auctions are at the risk of the individuals involved. Please be certain that you make safe, intelligent, and secure shipping arrangements. is not responsible/liable for any pin(s) traded in this forum, the integrity of that product's representation, any trades that go unhonored, or the shipment or transport of any items.
    • does not promote/endorse any products listed for trade auction in this forum.
    • These rules are subject to change by

    Happy bidding!
    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a private message, and we will do our best to help you in any way we can.
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    This has come up several times, so I will put the DPF "official" stance on this matter here:

    Question: I have multiple pins of the pin I am auctioning. Can I choose more than one winner?

    Answer: Unless multiple pins/winners are mentioned in your original post, there is only one winner that will be bound by auction rules. If you have duplicate pins, you can make a trade offer to those in 2nd/3rd/etc place to see if they would like to make a trade. You would think that if they were willing to bid the offer, they would still be willing to make the trade. Any transactions done in this manner are bound by trade forum rules, and not auction rules. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the DPF staff!

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