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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by iwontgrowup, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. iwontgrowup

    iwontgrowup AKA BlueStreak on

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    I have just reactivated my membership here. I first joined the Forum in 2012 and then did not participate. Recently I received a trade request from Booger1964 who requested I provide a referral since I had not traded with her in the past. I was sent to DPF to check her referrals. I have posted an introduction to myself and then checked the following threads but have yet to figure out how to leave a referral or check that of another member.

    What kind of feedback should I leave??

    References!! A how-to guide for the new user!!!

    Maybe I am not looking in the right place but can someone point me to that place. I was not able to respond to either of the above mentioned posts, even though there was a note at the bottom of the page stating (You have insufficient privileges to post here.).

    Not even sure I have posted this in the correct section of the Forum, but it was one place I found a button to post a new thread.

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. bookhugger

    bookhugger I love books!

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    It doesn't look like you have enough posts (30) to post in marketplace.

    If you traded via PinPics, I would think you'd have references there?
  3. Sami

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    If you want to know some ones Feedback Score the easiest way is too:

    1. Go to 'Members'
    - type in the members name you are looking for.

    2. When you're on the members page, click 'Feedback Status'
    - There you will see the latest feedback on that member. If you want to see all Feedback, 'View Feedback Profile' is under latest feedback in blue.

    3. Under the Latest Feedback, there is an 'Add Feedback' link in blue ('View Feedback Profile' is directly under it)
    - click on this to add Feedback to someone's page

    4. 'Add Feedback' will take you to a different page where it will ask if you are a buyer or seller or trader. It will also ask for a Positive, Nuetral, or Negative Feedback. You will then leave a Short Review and comments on your Trade/Sale/Buy

    If you completed a good trade/sale/purchase with someone it's good to leave them positive feedback with a Short blurp on your experience. Hope this helps.

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  4. iwontgrowup

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    PinPics does not have a reference system. They used a third party system (DIZPINS) which was referred to in the References!! A how-to guide for the new user!!!
    I read here but that went away when the operator decided to shut it down. A lot of information was lost and PinPics never created a system to replace it. It would seem that a single point of reference would be better than competing systems, but I am not running either site and do not wish to so I will live by to rules of the site I am using.
    Thanks Sami. I followed your instructions and it all worked as promised. Did not try adding feedback because that would be premature. The trade is still in the works.
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  5. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    As for your references, if you have a facebook or instagram, you can just refer to people you've traded with in the past.
  6. iwontgrowup

    iwontgrowup AKA BlueStreak on

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    I am avoiding all social media because I do not have a smart phone. I live in the dark ages of Flip phones right now.
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  7. starry_solo

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    If you traded via PinPics in the past, then you have other traders' email addresses that you traded with successfully. Why not look for those and provide references that way?
  8. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Just this week I had this same situation - a trader with no accessible references/feedback. That trader provided some pinpics user names they had traded with and I knew one of them (through trading) and I contacted that trader and they provided a reference. I also contacted another person who was a trader from the same city/state of this trader and that worked also. We are in the middle of our trade and then I will add this trader to the Pinpics list (under the pin trading section of this forum).

    Could you provide Booger1964 some of the usernames of the pinpics traders you have traded with... I would think you have a good shot at her being able to identify one who could provide a reference which might work for her. :)
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