How do you value "Limited Release (LR)" pins?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by figment919, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. figment919

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    Question - When trading many folks feel that Limited Release pins are "better" than OE's , but, not as "good" as LE's. I have found that even though LR's are often tied to an event or or special occasions (MNSSHP, EPCOT F&W and so on) that they are often released in an apparent very large edition size, often well over 1000. I value them like OE's but maybe I am wrong here - any opinions?
  2. hopemax

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    Cut and pasting my answer from the last time this question was asked. From this thread, LR pin question

    The answer is "it depends."
    For individual items, Merlin's answer is probably correct. In the past they used just make LE10,000 pins and people would buy them. Nowadays, people are okay with buying OE items, or okay with buying LE500 or less, but if they see LE10,000 it's a turn off. Calling it LR puts it into a middle ground. But they are in reality, really highly produced.

    Mystery Box Sets. This is where it gets complicated. The earliest LR mystery box sets came out at the end of 2010. While there was no announced number of boxes, you could guesstimate based on how fast things sold out that there were probably somewhere from 3000-5000 boxes. So take a set with 16 or 20 pins in it. At 4000 boxes, 2 pins per box = 8000 pins divided by 20 styles that means there are only 400 pins of any specific style. Isn't a LE400 pin usually worth something? The quintessential series to use as an example is the Disney Girls Reveal / Conceal set.

    Or take the pins coming out for the Epcot Pin Event. There are usually about 1200 attendees, and we were restricted to only being able to select 7 boxes. They would not assume every attendee would want 7 boxes, but lets start there. That would be 8400 boxes. There are 16 pins in the series. We know 8 of them will be LE250. So 8400 boxes = 16,800 pins. 8 x 250 = 2000 LE250 pins. So that means for the remaining 8 pins the number sold would be LE1850. If there only 6000 boxes, and the same 2000 LE250 pins then each of the remaining 8 pins would be LE1250.

    Then there are other Mystery boxes that are sold marked as "Limited Release" but sold for years. Namely, the Beauty & the Beast set that came out when New Fantasyland opened. Those are a lot closer to open edition, than they are limited edition.

    IMO, LR Mystery Box Pins that are released only once, are a lot more limited than people give them credit for, especially for the 20 pin sets. Most of these are Reveal/Conceal collections or Seasonal mystery collections.
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  3. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Love it! Subjective topic alert! And my response is to how to value the LR pin in a trade... it depends...
    ...on my mood, it a friend, I hungry, the other trader rude, I in a hurry, the other trader's pin book full of scrap,
    ...did the other trader really just check secondary market pin value for the pin I am offering?, the other trader smiling, it Stitch?, it Maleficent?, it Mickey?,

    but okay... more concrete feedback on this topic... I value limited release based on pin demand and right now I obtain this info from Pinpics. This means not all LR pins are created equal for me. Some LRs are worth more than other LR pins and some LR pins are perhaps worth a lot less and so, easily traded for OE pins. Pin demand not only reflects popularity of a pin, but pin demand may give a clue as to how large the LR size ultimately was.
  4. Disneychildwithin

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    Thanks Anne, you cracked me up.

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  5. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    Then my day is a success. :D
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  6. Kiragigi

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    Fantastic! Love this answer! It’s like you crawled into my brain during a pin event.

    Btw, all our future trades will involve some sort of snack.

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  7. Sami

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    I agree with akbecker246, I don't value them that high, and how I trade probably depends on my mood, and if I know the person or not or have traded with them before. I've said no to OE for LR trades before, mostly because I didn't know the person and they were trying to lowball the trade. But if it's a friend or someone I've traded with often I'm more flexible with it.

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