How to decide what to collect?

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by itsFantasmic, Mar 23, 2018.

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    I have a "collection" of just straightforward souvenir pins from various parks, resorts, events, museums, etc. I've been to, but my REAL collection began quite organically. I collect pins related to Jules Verne and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which have Disney characters on them. It started as souvenirs from Tokyo DisneySea, when I picked up pins for their 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth rides that had Mickey and Minnie on them. Then when I started actually collecting pins, it grew from there.

    Every time since then, when I've considered starting another collection from scratch, it never really goes anywhere. I thought about a Main St. USA collection, but nope. Then a Fantasia collection, but that didn't happen either. I think I just don't have the will or money to start a collection for the sake of having a collection. I'm still pretty content with the collection that started naturally, even if I pretty much have everything I want for it now.
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    I would say to just collect something that you enjoy and love whether it's a movie, character, series, place, or whatever it is. If that makes you happy, then go for it.
    I personally started collecting Mulan pins because I just LOVE the movie, especially her character. I mean.. I do love the other movies too, but she's the one that stands out from the crowd to me. ^^
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    See it, like it, hunt it down...

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