In Search of New Pin Boards (Help Needed)

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Addicted to Alice Pins, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. hopemax

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    Kohls to me is a grocery store. :D
  2. momin.ator

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    Speaking of Kohls, if you watch their coupons and clearance, you can get great deals on frames, etc.
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  3. katelouise

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    Haha sorry for my remote-ness with regards to frame sources XD

    One of them I found at a church fair, the other I got online from a 2nd hand seller and it was originally a mirror and gold and the third was a mirror in my parents rental property that they got rid of when renovating.

    My tips are - look online for 2nd hand sellers or craigslist and use terms like "ornate frame" or "ornate mirror" and don't be put off if they're gold or a different colour. Two of mine were gold and we spray painted them, took out the mirror parts and mounted cork in the back like a picture frame.
  4. katelouise

    katelouise lunapins on Instagram!

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    Also, I buy my cork as an actual cork board and cut it down to size with a craft knife, I don't think our stores sell sheets of cork and it's cheap enough to get a large board to cut down
  5. Purplemandms

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    I saw this at my Tuesday Morning yesterday! [​IMG]

    It's not the largest, but the shadow box has a built in pin board. It might be a good place to look!
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  6. starry_solo

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    Do they still have Gimbels?

    Marshall Fields used to own Target.
  7. LittleBird

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    No. Pretty sure Gimbels closed down in the late '80s. Marshall Fields is gone now too, which is still hard for me to believe as a native of the Chicago area. It was such an institution.
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  8. a4matte

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    I use the thinner rolled cork board, spray mount it to some foam core, and cover the whole thing (cork board side) with fabric.
    The fabric makes it look nicer than just cork board - plus hides where the cork board eventually starts to break apart some from adding and removing pins. The layer of cork board helps to hold the pin in place in case the frame is bumped or anything while the foam core board keeps the needle part safe from being bent or anything.
  9. watzshakinbacon

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    Yes! I ran into this problem for my space shadowbox. My cork was too thick but not enough for the whole post, so each pin is slightly raised from the "floor" level. I looked at one of my old cork boards that's peeling, and only like.. 1/8" is cork, and under it is a hard foam-like material. I think that's prob the way to go.
  10. PinFanatic

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    One of the best, if not the best, board I have seen. Very impressive!
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  11. DeputyDonald

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    Im partial to Quartet cork boards from Amazon. I think they’re great quality, affordable and they look very nice.



    My wife found some Horizon Group USA cork boards for $3 each at Target in the bargain section. I like that they’re a more unique shape. She purchased 3 white border and 2 pink border ones. Originally she wanted all white but we had some trouble finding more white ones. We went to 4 different Targets.


    I also just purchased a Hobbymaster protective pin board with latch that I will use for my extra special pins. I plan on putting only my favorite LE pins in there and my PTDs. It’s small only holding 10 to 15 pins at most so I may get a second one in the near future (especially as many sweet trades as I’ve been making on DPF), but this will do for now.



    I also have pins on a canvas I painted which actually came out pretty nice. The only problem with canvas is that you have to know exactly where you want the pins to go. You can’t keep moving pins around or the canvas will have too many holes and end up being useless.
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