Zapped! (Lion) Kingly Zaps from Tamatoa, CCofRR13, and Ajk!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by timeerkat, Mar 6, 2018.

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    @tinawap 's awesome game has been going on for a few weeks, and one of the challenges recently was to zap fellow players in the game. Yesterday I received two awesome zaps from the game!

    First up was the package from @CCofRR13 . It contained this amazing Simba Pin Trading Night pin! I do already have it, but it will either make an amazing trader or will allow me to display one closed and one open. (When I actually finally get around to displaying my Lion King pins, that is!) Either way, it is awesome and thoughtful and very generous!


    The second package was from @Tamatoa . It contained a very sweet card (with a hand-drawn picture of Joy! :D) and this awesome Animal Kingdom Lion King pin that I didn't have yet! (I think this one just came out?)
    My favorite movie combined with my favorite Disney park, I absolutely love it!


    Thank you both very, very much!
  2. CCofRR13

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    You're welcome! Glad it arrived there safely
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  4. Tamatoa

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    You're so welcome! I'm so glad you liked it! :D
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  8. timeerkat

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    I received another zap for the game, this time by @Ajk ! Three lovely Lion King pins! :D Thanks!

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    Congrats on the zaps

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