Lions and Foxes, oh my!

Discussion in 'Pin Showroom' started by pretty Omi, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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    Sorry, no tigers or bears here, but you might find a couple wolves...

    Recently redid some of my pin boards, and figured I may as well show them off!

    First up, some regal lions

    I am so close to having this puzzle done! Just need the two Scars, and Shenzi!

    Next up, some fancy foxes!
    Robin Hood of course, is my main collection. I am very close to being a completest on that film, at least as far as what is official, and on Pinpics... I'm less than 20 away, but they're doozies...

    Zootopia! Love this film's message, and it's characters, so of course I had to collect it. I'm really close to completest on this film too, I think I only need 6-8 pins or so!

    And last is my every other Disney fox board haha, and a couple wolves. I don't collect Fox and the Hound, I more specifically just collect Tod, but I have a few Copper and other characters if I like the pin enough. Fantatic Mr Fox is not a Disney movie, but I figured my pins of him would be more at home with the other foxes.
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  2. Disneychildwithin

    Disneychildwithin Well-Known Member

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    Oh my goodness...amazing collection. Love love love that Robin Hood collection, congrats! The elephants in the corner look great, Marian and Lady Kluck playing tennis are fun to see and now thanks to you I'm heading over to pinpics to add more pins to my want list...
  3. *Firefly*

    *Firefly* Well-Known Member

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    Nice! Some great pins from some of my favorite properties, especially Zootopia and Fox and the Hound!!
  4. Ajk

    Ajk Not so new anymore.

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    Really nice collection! You've got some awesome pins there! And nicely displayed. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Shelterkat

    Shelterkat A Very Merry Unbirthday!

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    That is awesome...thank you for sharing!
  6. Nasubionna

    Nasubionna Active Member

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    Wow, amazing collection! Love, love LOVE the Robin Hood pins especially. Good luck finding the rest you need to complete your collection!!
  7. Papaya

    Papaya Active Member

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    Your collections are gorgeous, and I also love how you arranged all of the pins! Congratulations on being so close to being a completist too.
    Also I just wanna say that I love both of the fantasy pins of Scar & Zira and the Scar as Dr Facilier one soooo much! They're just perfect. I wish Disney would finally make some official TLK 2 pins and more of crossover pins...

    And is that drawing of the hyenas by you? It's wonderful! Love the take on them and the colors.
  8. watzshakinbacon

    watzshakinbacon B for Belle or B for bacon?

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    Very nice collections!! I'm glad I decided not to collect foxes. Now that I see so many of them, I'm pretty glad I made that decision :p

    Thanks for sharing!!

    P.S. I still have the thanksgiving Todd/ Copper pin for trade for you later :]
  9. tiggeriffic

    tiggeriffic DPF Charter Member DPF Charter Member

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    Great collections! I don't think I've ever seen that many different Robin Hood pins together. They're really nice!
  10. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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    The elephants and tennis set are fantasy pins, but the majority of my pins are official!

    The drawing is not by me! It was drawn by my friend, her artist name is Thornwolf. It was originally a watercolor drawing, and this is a print. She drew the Scar in the other corner as well! I like to add artwork to my pin boards when I can, and eventually hope to frame then with the artwork too :3

    Yeah I hope to snag that one from you sometime!

    Thanks everyone for all the kind comments on my collections!
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  11. CCofRR13

    CCofRR13 Well-Known Member

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    Wowsers ~ you have some beautiful pins ~ THanks for sharing!
  12. slbrabham

    slbrabham Well-Known Member

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    Great pins. Thanks for showing them off.
  13. caw caw rawr

    caw caw rawr Squirrel!

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    Oh wow! Your collection is beautiful! I am in love with the Robin Hood pins, especially Lady Kluck. She totally needs more pin love. Then came the Prince John board! I may as well admit that I am collecting him too. Your board is inspiring! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Papaya

    Papaya Active Member

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    I can't believe I didn't notice him! Must be because of all the gorgeous pins that I couldn't properly focus lol. He's wonderful too!
  15. Loomi

    Loomi Active Member

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    Your collection is amazing! <3
  16. mickeymousje

    mickeymousje Well-Known Member

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    Wow amazing collections, love them! :D
  17. S_scarne

    S_scarne Member

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    Robin Hood grails!
  18. luvlionk

    luvlionk Member

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    Nice collections! Lion King is my favourite!
  19. cadien

    cadien Well-Known Member

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    Where do you find your fantasy pins? You have so many wonderful ones!
  20. pretty Omi

    pretty Omi Resident Smol Wolf

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    Facebook, or I just come upon them in other people's books or traders!
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