Sold/Ended: Looking to complete the Stitch Park Pack series

Discussion in 'Completed Pin Trades' started by unibear, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. unibear

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    Sorry I haven't been responding. The last week of classes before finals have descended. I just got a test, a lab, a quiz, and a final project handed in today and I have to grade as many of them as I can and write another test for tomorrow. Please indulge my overloaded status. I will respond as quickly as I can. Thanks for the understanding.
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  2. PinTraderSam

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    It’s cool man, live yo life.
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  3. Tokaji

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    And good luck with the grading prison! I know how that is (and will be there next week... >.<)
  4. pins4twin

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    I am there now. The assignments are piling up. :(
  5. chubs191

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    I'm in the same boat only studying, turning in projects, finishing last minute homework. Stay sane.

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  6. unibear

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    After many generous offers of trades (both those accepted and those I didn't accept), I currently have 15 of the 18 pins in hand and have the other 3 on their way to me in the mail.

    I never could have guessed the effort it would take to organize all of these trades so that I could get as many of the pins I didn't have and minimize the number of duplicate pins. It really warms my heart to see that so many DPF members were willing to help me in my quest, and I received many generous trade/sales offers, only some of which I needed to accept to meet my goal.

    Hopefully, I can help other avid (rabid?) full-set collectors of the Park Packs in the months (years?) to come. Thanks again to all of you who were kind enough to offer your pins up for trade to me to help me finish this quest. This is a great community, and I'm glad to be a part of it.
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  7. timeerkat

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    Congrats on finishing your set!

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