Lost $200 worth in pins because of USPS :((((

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Girugamesh, May 2, 2018.

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    Thank you for the tips! I always try to be polite towards PO workers but I know they won't always return it because they were previously being yelled at or something
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    How awful! I have only mailed small packages (of lower valued pins) at the self serve kiosks and put them in the drop box. But if I ever mail something worth more, I'll know now to make sure it gets scanned by an employee. Thanks for your warning to those of us with less experience. I'm hoping those pins show show up!!

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    I've learned from my mistakes but I've had a lot of good pin karma since then. I've had a lot of people helping me get some of my grails!
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    I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s terrible! That’s never happened to me with packages and I’ve used the post office thousands of times for thousands of packages. Ive been to the post office so often that wherever I’ve lived the postal employees knew me by name.

    It did happen to me once with a birthday card for my autistic little brother, which made me really angry. I was busy that week so for convenience sake I placed it in the mailbox instead of dropping it off myself. I put a Steam gift card in there for his gift and sent it 2 weeks early. He never got it.

    Ever since then I always wait in line and have them personally time stamp it and for packages even if it’s prepaid I always get a receipt so that I have some proof I mailed it to wherever I mailed it. It’s sad to have to do it that but it works best that way. That’s not to say packages won’t be lost but I’ve found if I do all I can to ensure my package is at least delivered directly into the post office’s hands I do that.
  5. fuzzybunny

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    about 2 months ago sent a package to UK Royal Mail lost it Lost pins and money had to return the funds but person was not a nice person to start with I found out
    update; package is still out there somewhere. I only sent by the regular shipping as well. Paypal sided with other person yes I tried to fight it but to no avail. so if sending overseas make sure that you pay for tracking and signature. Because of this I no longer trade overseas but that is my preference.
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