Zapped! Lovely Valentine’s Day zap from Sara (PixiePost)!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by AshleyV, Feb 8, 2019.

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    Before I dive into the particulars of this zap from @PixiePost, can I just take a moment and say how grateful I am for the entire DPF community? Y’all are just so unrelentingly generous, from offering to do pin pickups at cost (thanks not only to those like @timeerkat and @MerlinEmrys and @Shelterkat, but those who offer to do it spur-of-the-moment when they have a trip planned or are going to an event), to running amazing games, to offering fair trades/sales, to organizing RAKs and zaps and Secret Santa exchanges, the list goes on. It’s very heartwarming to see, and even though I don’t point it out as often as I should, it’s deeply appreciated all the time and makes this entire hobby worth it. <3

    Sara very sweetly DMed me a little while ago to ask if I wanted an amazing Snow White/Evil Queen purse and then offered to zap it to me. So I was delighted to see a pretty blue box on my doorstep yesterday, with a cute Valentine’s Day card and heart-patterned paper inside!


    Sara being Sara, she didn’t *just* send along the purse, but included a lot of other goodies that were totally unnecessary (and completely enjoyed)! I absolutely love this WDW Snow White holiday tumbler and will definitely be using it year-round, maybe even as inspiration for this year’s Christmas tree decorations...


    But that’s not all! Inside the purse—which, can we admire the incredible appliqué & embroidery on both sides here (not to mention the fact that it's perfect for taking my mini PinFolio to the parks)…


    … was a fun sports trivia game (that my fiancé is definitely going to win once we play, haha) and this set of incredible vintage Snow White coasters!


    I’ve honestly never seen these before, but they’re gorgeous. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with fairy tales and mythology, especially the original/non-Disney/reimagined tales, and love that Snow White’s story is written around the edges of each coaster in addition to the beautiful artwork.

    Thank you SO much for thinking of me, Sara! This was beyond generous, and your thoughtfulness completely brightened my day. :D
  2. PixiePost

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    You’re very welcome! So glad you liked everything. The coasters are from Tuesday Morning, btw - Thought they were pretty, even though they’re a different take on Snow White!

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    Some zaps inside a zap sent with a zap! Congrats!
  4. AshleyV

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    Zap inception!
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  5. watzshakinbacon

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    What a beautiful package!! congrats!
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    Gorgeous package ~ Congrats!
  7. Shelterkat

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    Everything is beautiful!:daisy:
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    Very sweet! Congrats!
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    Gorgeous zap, congrats! :D

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