Mary Poppins Commemorative Set Pins Faked?

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by lohofosho, Nov 8, 2017.

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    I purchased two pins off of ebay several months back, and I am a little skeptical of their authenticity. I bought two pins from the Disney Store Mary Poppins Commemorative Tin Set - the two I purchased were the Penguin Waiter and the Hunted Fox. The seller I bought them from at the time was selling all of the pins from that tin set separately. So I figured they had a set and decided to piece them out. There were no scrapper warnings on pinpics, so I figured they were safe.

    When they arrived I first noticed the backs were gold. It doesn't specify on pinpics, so I tried to track down photos of the backs of these. They look silver in pictures I saw, but I am not sure if that is just the photo, as in my photo they look kind of silver as well.
    I also noticed that the pin posts were different. The Penguin had a post with a smaller sharp mini post attached to it, whereas the fox had a single large post with two separate smaller posts on either side. It seems weird to me that two pins from the same set would have this variation.
    I also noticed that the front of the pins seemed different as well. The penguin seems to be have a clear finish that almost bubbles out, where you can't feel any lines. Whereas the fox has more set in paint and you can feel all of the border lines. (Sorry, hard to describe!)

    I set them aside when I got them, as I was unsure and didn't want to trade them in case they were not authentic. I have been meaning to make this post and hopefully get some answers, and finally had time and motivation to do so today.

    Before posting I wanted to do some more investigation, with more knowledge that I have now. First of all I looked at the seller's past listings and found that they have sold three complete sets of these pins (not as a whole, but pieced out as I bought mine). They aren't limited edition, but they are older and more rare, so it surprises me that they would have three whole sets. I also now have a list I found on a facebook group of ebay sellers that are known to sell scrappers or fakes - and guess who is on the list - the seller I bought my pins from. I also searched the forum and found an older post of someone who was worried about these possibly being faked as they had seen low prices for them on ebay. When I look on ebay now, there are very few for sale, however in the sold section, I see quite a few and they sold for very low prices.

    I was hoping there may be others out there who have this set who may be able to help me compare. Any input would be greatly appreciated, because I am really at a loss.

    Thank you!


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    Can't speak to these specific pins, but as a general note, there are tons of pins on PinPics that are missing scrapper warnings. So just because you don't see a warning on that site doesn't mean it hasn't been faked.
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    I have this set. These pins are just old. All the old tin sets are designed like that.

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