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Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Jessie S, Jul 27, 2018.

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    I am new to pin trading and want to build up a collection of pins that I'm ok with trading. My husband initially gifted me a mixed bag of pins he got online so I'd have some I wouldn't mind trading, but we've determined many (if not all) of them are fakes/scrappers. Not a big deal to me for the ones I liked enough to keep and display, but I want to make sure I'm only trading legit pins so I'm back to square one in terms of collecting some pins that I wouldn't mind trading.

    I imagine one option is to buy starter packs where you get multiples. Are pins like these official pins for trading? Junk Food Mickey Mouse Pin Set 3ct

    Are there any less sketchy ways of buying used pins to build our trading collection for a bit cheaper? I almost feel like I NEED to buy mystery sets or else I'll only ever buy ones that I like and then don't want to trade! :D
  2. Jessie S

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    Yikes, just found this blog that says these days the majority of pins that CMs have are probably scrappers 2018-07-27_1411 Is that true? Maybe since we're only collecting for the fun of trading and having neat pins, it's not worth stressing over if a pin is a scrapper or not??
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    Buying large pin lots on ebay (or anywhere else) is pretty much a guarantee of fake pins. So yes, generally your cheapest options for authentic park-based traders would be mystery packs of 2-5 pins each that are sold at the parks. They average about $6 each. There are also licensed pins such as those at Target and Box Lunch which may run slightly cheaper and are theoretically tradeable in the US parks as long as you don't get fussy cast members who prefer the pin trading logo on the back in addition to the Disney copyright.

    There are also occasional bargains to be found at Disney outlet stores.

    But unless you are a cast member who has access to some cheaper pins/better discounts, it's an expensive hobby if you're going to trade legitimate pins.

    And yes, the majority (90%+) of pins on cast member lanyards are fake, simply because many people either do not do their homework and buy fake pins on ebay and drop them all over the lanyards or don't care if they're dealing in fake merchandise. :(
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    Yeah, sadly there is a lot of scrappers on the boards and lanyards, but there is usually always 1 or 2 good pins on there. Just have to know how to identify the scrapper pins. I love CM trading, I think its better than people trading personally. I find some really cool pins when I CM trade just have to be patient and know what you're looking for in regards to scrappers and fakes. The more pins you see and the more you touch the better you just become at spotting a potential fake or scrapper.

    The most economical way to build a collection is by buying your traders at cost and trading up. This can be a little challenging when it comes to DSF and WDI pins, but if you aren't trying to collect the low LE and high second market price pins you'll be able to expand your collections quite well just by making trades.

    If you're not near a Disney or dont have an AP, I would take advantage of the at cost PickUps on the forum from DLR and WDW. You will be getting most of the pins at or near cost, some people throw up sales threads and have some really nice pins pretty close to cost or at cost or at least under Ebay prices and I haven't heard of anyone selling fakes here so that is also a little piece of mind when buying from the Forum vs. FB or Ebay. You can also play in some of the games that are hosted for the LE pins. Sometimes you get some great traders out of those and many of them aren't that pricey at all.

    You do need a lot of patience when your building a collection and not paying second market prices for your pins. Many people, especially on the FB want to sell more than trade, so sometimes you're waiting around for that one person who has what you want and is willing to trade for what you are offering. But purchasing all your traders at cost is the most effective and cost friendly approach to building a collection.

    Making pin friends is also a good way to build a collection, I have gotten and traded with a lot of my PinBuddies for many of the pins I really really wanted, and vice versa, when people are your friend or trust you when it comes to trading they are more likely to multi-trade with you for low LE or hard to find pins.

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    When I am searching for park traders, I usually buy them on the sales thread here. You just have to watch and people will have
    lots for sale. I have found that I usually end up paying around $2 each. I have gotten a great mixture of LE pins and OE pins.
    Sometimes it is hard to get rid of them because they are really cool.
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  6. Ajk

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    Agree with all the points above. Also, in regard to the "I'll only ever get things I want and never trade", when it comes to nice pins I like, I try to buy two - one to keep and one to trade.
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    If you're worried about your pins being fakes or scrappers you can always post some pictures of the fronts and backs of the pins. There are a lot of knowledgeable pin traders on DPF who will help you identify the pins and help you sort them out so you can start trading. I would suggest starting your trades through DPF, it's a very safe and friendly community for a first time trader. Also narrow down your collections now if you can, focusing on one or 2 main collections at a time really takes the stress off of trying to build your collection up. Pins can get very out of control pretty quickly. ^___^

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  8. DeputyDonald

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    Buying Limited Edition pins at cost at the Parks is a great way to increase your collection affordably. Many low edition pins are purchased at cost and then sold online for ridiculous prices so if there is one in particular that you want, buying at cost or trading is the way to go. If you don’t live near the Parks then find a friend who does who can buy at or near cost for you and use those to trade for pins you want. Scrappers/fakes are so prevalent I’m almost at the point where I will only buy pins if they’re new on card or it’s from someone I know. When trading at the Parks I look the pin over pretty well before trading. Takes some time and experience to learn what to look for but even then sometimes pins are so well faked you’ll need the help of other members and use this forum for help determine what details give it away as a fake.
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    @Disneychildwithin has a great sale of mystery packs and the like for $2 or $3 each (pin)!

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