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Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by ImNotBad, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. ImNotBad

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  2. LordTremaine

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    Anyone else disappointed with all the Ariels in the Couture de Force line? They all seem off for some reason. They always do a great job with Aurora in this line. Lady Tremaine is nice good to see more merchandise for her.
  3. shooting4ownhand

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    I do like the original mermaid Ariel, even though her face seemed a bit off. However, the current Ariel got part of her legs cut off. Her legs are just too short. They needed to make her dress longer.

    However, that Aurora is on point. I want her and the original Aurora (I know, I'm behind the times).
  4. AshleyV

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    Not quite sure what's going on with the fur-lined collar (/vest?) Snow is wearing, but I like the reimagining of her winter dress.
  5. Nai_Calus

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    It kind of looks like a bolero to me, AshleyV. Like, the dress is a normal long-sleeved thing, and then the poofs/collar are a separate bolero worn over it. I'd have to see the back though. Could just be odd detailing.

    The Aurora is nice looking, but enough with the pink/blue mixes. I know it's to try to appeal to both camps, but we're not compatible. Keep that pink mess off my Aurora merch. ;) (And stop making Cinderella so blue while we're at it.)
  6. AJ-Lo

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    So excited for Lady Tremaine! She will go perfectly with Maleficent, Cruella, and The Queen!
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  7. Starlord3301

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    I am going to need to get that Beast for my mom to go with the Belle I just got her. Also getting one for my collection I love the beast one of my favorite Disney characters
  8. dragonshade

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    I am in love with the Sleeping Beauty one and the Snow beautiful
  9. Setsuykie

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    I wish there was a Rapunzel one too.
  10. bevgray

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    There was a Rapunzel in the first series several years ago.
  11. dragonshade

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    Oh my god aurora and cindy are beautiful and ai love holiday Snow *_*
  12. Frozen_Jane

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    Cindy is really beautiful!
  13. CCofRR13

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    Lady T is AMAZING!
  14. IrvineLotus

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    Love the first Ariel in the Couture de Force series. This one and the white wedding dress don't look as attractive.

  15. pixar_princess

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    what are these made out of, are they similar to jim shore?
  16. LMB925

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    They're made of "high quality stone resin." So, yes they are, but they feel a little different in my opinion as most of JS feel like they were carved, kind of more wood-like.

    I don't have any of the latest ones, but I have many from past series. I think they all look high quality and I've been very happy with them. They have excellent detail and paint quality. I plan to get several of these newer ones to add to my collection. If you have a specialty gift shop around you, I recommend taking a closer look. I've seen the older ones at Barnes and Noble, and sometimes Hallmark stores.
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