Pin 95870 Disney Couples - Mystery Pack - Prince Eric and Ariel ONLY

Discussion in 'Pin Comparison' started by NDBounce, Jun 19, 2017.

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    I have two of these pins I picked up in trading at the park. Both look authentic to me, and both have the laser engraved numbers.

    Here's the rub. Each has a different letter/number combination engraved on it.

    Can someone 1) Confirm the correct number
    2) Advise me if there are known scrappers/fakes or if there is another explanation for the different laser etched numbers?
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    (The fronts are basically identical minus the different "battle scars" each pin has suffered)

    The backs have different engraved numbers.


    Ideas? Thoughts?

    Thank you.

    Fr. Brian

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  3. chubs191

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    I'll take a look at mine when I get home. I can't read it, but it looks like different years on the pins. Maybe different runs have different numbers.
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    I just checked, both say 2013 on the year (sorry for the unclear photo...I'm definitely not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination).
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    The one on the left looks like a scrapper. You can tell as the line work is much thicker and less detailed than the right

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    It's so hard to tell! I'm trying to learn all the scrapper rules

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