PIN BACK's (Dont lose your Lanyard Pins Ever Again)

Discussion in 'Pin Guides & FAQs' started by iamdisneydan, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. 1066merlin

    1066merlin New Member

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    VERY informative post. I bought the bar posts on our last trip down to WDW. Guess I can use them for fishing LOL!
    Thanks Again for the info!
  2. magicmickey89

    magicmickey89 Member

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    I saw someone loose a whole lanyard of pins at dlr the other day on tower of terror sad she couldn't find some pins
  3. dawny

    dawny Active Member

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    Good post Dan, i also discovered these on ebay AFTER loosing about 12 pins over the years with the mickey backs :(
    Good to pass on vital info and i thinks it's vital because who wants to keep checking and counting pins all day? I have NEVER lost one pin with these backs and i have a small trader bag with pins on the outside and my backpack with my Walt pins that i just display and it gos on rides, airplanes etc.
  4. AliceAddict

    AliceAddict Member

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    Thank you very much for the info! That's a good tip :)
  5. tinkerbellfan117

    tinkerbellfan117 Active Member

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    Yes. Locking backs are great.
  6. KT07

    KT07 Well-Known Member

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    wow...50 for $20 thats cool
  7. jchampl

    jchampl Member

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    I was using one of these Allen screws on my lanyard and one fell off somewhere between the tta and the carousel of progress at DisneyWorld. I need to invest in a different system.
  8. tphut

    tphut New Member

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    The ones that Disney sells are the best for me.
  9. mojoscout

    mojoscout Jr. Goon

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    you have me serioulsy worried now! all pins on my lanyards have the alan wrench locking back on them now I don't want to take any off scared they will break! I need help! what should I do?!:anxious::dunno::confused::doh:
  10. vanillabug

    vanillabug New Member

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    Thanks for the info on these! I'm going to buy some and try them out! I didn't know the Disney locking backs damaged the post!!!!!
  11. RFD

    RFD Member

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    Where can I find the backings?
  12. iamdisneydan

    iamdisneydan The Bald Guy In The Back DPF Charter Member

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    The sellers name is DisnetPatriot on ebay
  13. Dreamwisher

    Dreamwisher Active Member

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    We have these too and they work great!
  14. IsaacandAmanda

    IsaacandAmanda The Princess and her Frog

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    Good to know! Great Info!!!!!
  15. PeterYup

    PeterYup Member

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    The Tie clasp pin backs still have there own issues sometimes the backs break off
    and makes it so your pin is locked on your lanyard forever they also fall off if not attached right or defective.
    as there sold for 13 cent each from china meaning you can get 5000 of them for 600$ and this is how the people on eBay sell them.
    But I agree there still better then Disney's lock back or the mickey head backs.
  16. allenmay8

    allenmay8 Member

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    I saw some people with these at DLR this past week. I may have to pick me up some!
  17. Rocke01

    Rocke01 love to pin trade! DPF Charter Member

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    I am going to buy some gold finished backs and offer them here on the sale board in bags of 10. So anyone that wants to get the gold ones can. The cost will be $4.90 which is slightly less than the seller on Ebay and my shipping will be $2.25 a bag which is also less than on Ebay. It is posted now on the sale board
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  18. HiddenMickeys

    HiddenMickeys Active Member

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    Love these!
  19. imp

    imp Evil Fairy DPF Moderator

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    These are fantastic! My niece and nephew ran around MK all day with pins on their lanyards, belts, and pockets - not one was lost.
  20. PixiePost

    PixiePost Previously SoraPandora

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    Hi Dan! Can you PM me with the eBay seller's name as well?
  21. Rocke01

    Rocke01 love to pin trade! DPF Charter Member

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    I have some for sale (bags of ten) if you want some gold ones. PM me if you are interested
  22. Vixy

    Vixy The Girl That's Never Been

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    Oh, I want to try these. PMing you.
  23. Mahrii

    Mahrii Active Member

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    PM sent
  24. Rocke01

    Rocke01 love to pin trade! DPF Charter Member

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    Replied to Vixy but did not receive a PM from Mahrii. These backs are listed with my trader pins on the sale board.
  25. richardramirez5

    richardramirez5 Member

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    Can you PM me the the Ebay seller name. I want to wear a lanyard with my beloved Lion King pins, but I am so scared to lose one :(

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