For Sale: Pin Lots, No Hidden Mickeys

Discussion in 'Pins for Sale/Wanted' started by NDBounce, Dec 25, 2018.

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    Ok I just got back from Florida and I need to get rid of about 200-300 pins (mostly for reasons of weight, as I am tired of carrying so many pins).

    I am putting together pin lots of 25 pins for $60 and 50 pins for $100.

    Each lot will consist of authentic, non-scrapper, non-fake Disney Pins. There are no hidden mickeys in these lots (unless you specifically want some, in which case I will show you what I have and you can select up to 5 at the same price).

    The pins come from booster packs, lanyard sets, mystery boxes, rack pins, special events, and more. They are used, but in what most traders consider normal condition.

    The pins are as old as 2000 and as new as 2018, and contain a variety of characters, resorts, attractions and more.

    They are great for park trading and building a collection. They are not LE's that are $100 pins (obviously I would not be selling $2500 worth of pins for $60).

    If you are interested in any pins, send me a PM.

    Fr. Brian (NDBounce)
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    All grab bags have sold at this point! Thanks to all who purchased! I have no idea how to close this thread, so if an admin (or even other member) could help that would be great

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