Zapped! Pin Sorceress? More like ZAP Sorceress!

Discussion in 'Pin Zaps & Swaps' started by Purplemandms, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Purplemandms

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    So this thank you is a teeny-bit delayed, as I'm getting this info back from my home base! My father FaceTimed me with a very adorably decorated package - decked from head to toe in Rapunzel-themed inspirational goodness. And inside? Even more goodness!

    Because I could just get a group photo, I can't do my usual "thank you walkthrough" - but look at all this awesomeness!


    First of all, probably my favorite thing was seeing @krand1276'S badge on stationary! Actual stationary! And cute little pin cards!!!! It made me so indescribably happy to see that something I made was good enough to be publicly displayed like that. I'm so honored!

    In addition to a equally-joy-enduring note, an adorable Rapunzel screencap, a useful magic towel, a CUTIE PIE Rapunzel keychain, and candy - there were five pins that were tucked away (holy cow!). Four in adorable Disney themed Easter eggs that were really htf hidden mickeys for me (and I'm really trying to complete those sets! I can't wait to put the tea cups and the macaroons together, and have all the ducks in a row! ((Ha ha)) ) - plus an owl woodland wonders pin (a series I'm also trying to finish, plus it's an OWL!!! How perfect?)

    There was also a FUNKO mini blind bag, which I typically don't have good luck with but oh, what's this?

    E N H A N C E


    It's Tink!! How perfect! She's so feisty! So angry! I love it. She'll be headed with me to the DCP. And that Rapunzel keychain will go great with my Tinker Bell one from @Disneychildwithin (which... come to think about... I don't think I ever sent a thank you note for. I've gotta get on that.)


    Thank you so much! I can't believe I was zapped twice in the same week, plus I finally got a frame for my diploma! This week has been so magical, and these goodies are found to bring me a lot of joy on the DCP too. (I have a feeling I'll need that magic towel at some point.)
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  2. Disneychildwithin

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    Congrats Emily! Katherine is such a fun zapper, I love those eggs!
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  3. krand1276

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    You are so welcome! You are so generous to give your time and talents to us for these badges. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks to @slbrabham for sharing your address so it could be a surprise!

    And OMG! I felt a couple of the blind bags for Tink when we visited the Funko store, but started feeling self-conscious, so I told my husband to just reach in and grab one. He has good luck in general. I can't believe Tink was in there! I even tried feeling it on our way home and told him that I didn't think it was her. That's too perfect!

    I am so excited to have your design on stuff like the stationery and zap cards. I even had a couple of notebooks made so I can keep track of trades and other notes.

    Anyway, enough about my stuff! Enjoy the zap!

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  4. Booger1964

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    Very nice zap! Congrats!
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  5. theoucharis

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    Congrats on the zap. Great items!

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  6. CCofRR13

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    Wonderful ZAP ~ Congrats!
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  7. watzshakinbacon

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    Congrats!! What a sweet zap!
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  8. slbrabham

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    Congrats on the great zap!
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  9. Shelterkat

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    Congrats! Yes our badges are so fun! Thank you for making them!
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  10. TinyTink

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    Ditto all the above! And, what a great idea to have our badges printed on business/trading cards....I see this in my future :)
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  11. MerlinEmrys

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    Hrng! That Tink keychain is precious XD congrats!
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  12. arielsdinglehopper

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    What an amazing zap! Congrats!
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  13. pretty Omi

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    Ooh I thought about having my logos made into buttons, but stationary or little cards is a fantastic idea!
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  14. Purplemandms

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    You are truly a zap Sorceress with that Tink figurine then!! Somehow magically transmuted whatever was inside to that Tink. ;)

    Thank you again!!
  15. Ajk

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    Congrats on a wonderful zap!

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