Probably a stupid question! Ebay mystery lots!

Discussion in 'Disney Pin Discussion' started by Kerri780, Jul 24, 2018.

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    Hey everyone,
    I have been watching loads of the mystery unboxings on youtube as I love them!
    I normally watch DisneyKittee but in the suggested there was a link for a video regarding someone who brought big lots of mystery bags- about 4/5 bags for $40 and same with booster packs.

    My question is how is this legit? At the start of the video she said stay away from the big random single lots that we all know are scrappers and fakes but she went onto buy these sets at such a cheap cost.

    I don't want to chance it personally but I was wondering how does it work? Those sets retail in the parks around 20-30$ each right so how can you get 4-5 legit booster or mystery sets in a pack for $40?

    to be honest I'm no expert in spotting fakes or scrappers but some of them looked legit- one of her packs was the hangbag mystery set and they all looked awful, every close up you could see lines in the enamel and one looked like it wasn't filled properly aside from that the rest did look legit (from a novice).

    This is the video/one of because I watched a couple!
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    A lot of them are actually legit. Sometimes the pins get discounted to a character store or something of the sort, or possibly purchased by a cast member at a good discount, but usually when you find them for less than 15 a pop, there's a good chance they're stolen.
  3. Kerri780

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    Oh I didn't realise that was a thing that makes sense, see I don't think I could feel happy about getting such a bargain if there was a chance it's stolen, thats just not nice.
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    It seems a bit risky to be selling them constantly if they are stolen?
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  5. TheMickeyMouseRules

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    I used to wonder about the stolen thing also... I am not so sure they are stolen anymore. There are multiple ways people can gain Disney pins at a steep discount without stealing them.
  6. Kerri780

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    Yea, I just found it all abit confusing/surreal like how can they be legit.

    They all come in their sealed mystery bags so I don't see how they could be fake but I also don't really understand how people get them so damn cheap! Mind. Blown.
  7. Abyssinian28

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    From what I understand, some people are getting Disney pins straight from the factories in China now. Not really scrappers off the floor, but production-line stuff. The sellers over here SAY Disney "made too many" and they have a license to "buy the extras", directly from the factories.

    I suspect the factory workers just got bolder, and they either steal right off the line, or make extras on the back end of the run that they sell.

    So when you see super cheap mystery bags, boxes, or even brand new OEs that are on the card, it's either that situation, or simple straight-up theft from the parks.

    While there are legit ways to get cheap pins (outlets, cast sales, collections, etc.), those avenues usually don't include brand new pins, or pins that Disney is currently selling. Disney is not the kind of company that would undercut themselves like that.

    And be super suspicious when someone sells large amount of things like mystery sets and booster packs over and over.

    At the end of the day, as the OP suggests, we should all ask ourselves- how is it possible that they can sell these for that cheap? Sellers aren't in the habit of losing money, and rarely in the habit of breaking even. So if the "good price" gets to be way under what we know Disney can discount at...well. We all know what's likely happening.
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    I will not mention names but even a seller here used to hook up booster packs for 6-7 bucks. That was for new packs that were still selling at the parks. Crazy stuff. I wish I could have bought them out and got the hook up on the backside. But no deal.

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