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Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by watzshakinbacon, Dec 27, 2016.

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    I have a few Disney buttons (not like the big ones you get from the parks). I was wondering if people buy/ sell/ trade those. Also, should you/ how do you add them to PinPics? One of them in a Moana pin that I got from a Disney Animation Tour event, one is from a story in Downtown Disney (so I guess it doesn't count as official?), an one Lion King button that I received as a gift.

    What's the proper course of action on documenting these and/or exchanging with other people?
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    There are a lot of buttons on picpics, so you can start there. If it has a Disney copyright then it's good for trading. There are a bunch of the small buttons recently and a huge amount of buttons of all sizes that have been around for years. I don't know, but I think you can trade them just like pins. Buttons are fun too! :tigger:

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