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Discussion in 'Pin Trading' started by PinPuff, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Long time no see DPF!!

    Had to take a (longish) break from the pin world due to quitting my job and moving to the sunshine state (2 hours from WDW) for art school!! I'm currently studying illustration and hoping to one day be a part in making the movies we so obsess over <3

    Had to leave my pin book at home, but with the end of first semester in a little over a week I'll be back home again for an entire month! So that means back to trading!

    I've updated my PinPics (Pinpuff), although I may be missing a few traders I have in my book back in NC. Decided to give up becoming a Bolt completist, just not as in love with the movie anymore and have now switched my focus to the LGM and Mickey-shaped foods. :p Also Dodger, Alien Encounter, Big Bad Wolf, and Stitch's Great Escape to name a few side collections.

    So if anyone wants to trade, just send me a PM and I'll get it out the second I'm back! Figured it'd take a bit to set up some trades so wanted to post this now~
  2. swscref

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    Sorry, I couldn't find any matches. Good luck!
  3. bcol

    bcol "They call me Bruce" ....and mupins

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    No matches here either. Sounds like you're following your dream. Best of luck!
  4. PinPuff

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    Added some new traders! :)
  5. DumboBeforeChristmas

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    I'm new to here, usually use pin pics but open to trading!
  6. Damiens pins

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    Sorry no matches :(
  7. stitchismyspiritanimal

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    Looked, but no matches, sorry.

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