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    Good Morning
    First we would like to take this time to say, THE SALES PAGE IS UPDATED, ie we have only current sales open<those that are 60 days old or younger>
    Thats over 35 pages of closed sales and wants threads, thanks in a very LARGE part to YOU the MEMBERS OF DPF.


    There were some individuals whom did recieve a infraction for unclosed threads, Let us say just a thing or two about this

    A> no infractions were given unless you went beyond three<3> excessive, you are allowed 2post each, we went and deleted many folks that had one or two that may have been missed without infractions, however if you had three or more, BEYOND what was allowed you did recieve an infraction<we assume most of you will agree that we tried to be fair with that>

    B>Only one<1> point was assesed regardless of how many over you were, we arent trying to be butts,just to keep the forum usable by all without going thru endless dead threads.

    C> No one was banned becuase of these infraction points, and no one but the user whom recieved it and the staff can see any infractions issued for any means.

    Once more we would like to thank the vast amount of our sales and wants threads users, whom did go thru and close those threads, it was thru your efforts that the sales forum will continue to grow and flourish.

    YOUR continued efforts to maintain the sales forum is greatly appreciated by the STAFF of DPF, we cannot do all of this alone, and once more the members of DPF have shown that they are willing to continue to make this the best place on the net for Disney pins......

    Our ears are off to one and all of you......Thank you!!!!!
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