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Discussion in 'Completed Pin Sales' started by sockgnome, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    Hi! I'm doing another sale thread: everything in the pictures below is for sale, all prices are listed under each picture. Please comment and PM to purchase.

    Shipping in the US is an additional $3.50, Canada is $10, and International starts at $14.00.

    This thread is cross-posted, I will be going by the time stamp of the PM to see what order pins are claimed.

    If there are any quality issues with the pins (scratches, scuffs, etc,) I will notify you when you inquire about the pin.

    I guarantee the authenticity of all of my pins- if for some reason I'm not 100% sure, I will let you know.

    Snow White LE 100 Portrait $120
    Ariel Film Magic $40
    OUAT Little Mermaid SOLD
    Anna Macaron SOLD
    Anna/Elsa/Olaf OE (Guaranteed Authentic) SOLD
    BATB Trading Event Beast $35
    BATB Joyeux Noel $45
    Japan Cinderella SOLD
    Snow White Glitter Dress $7
    WDFM Snow White SOLD

    Jerry Leigh Jasmine $10
    Jasmine Glitter Dress $7
    Rapunzel PTN (SIGNED) $28
    Storybook Princess Heart Rapunzel $4
    Jerry Leigh Rapunzel $10
    Nesting Doll Rapunzel $4
    Under the Sea Ariel SOLD
    Alphabet Rapunzel SOLD
    Alphabet Sven $12
    Sven HM $3
    Little Mermaid HM $3
    Rapunzel HM $3
    DSF Tangled Marquee Puzzle $25
    Rapuzel/Pascal OE $5
    Mother Gothel OE $5
    Disney Auctions Dopey $20
    Merida Cutie $5
    Dopey Mine Cart $8
    Carl/Ellie Up OE $

    30th Anniversary Enchanted $17
    Giselle Flower Portrait $40
    Enchanted Logo SOLD
    Enchanted Heart Spinner SOLD
    Enchanted DLRP Glitter SOLD
    Enchanted Opening Cast Spinner SOLD
    Blue Fairy Dangle Star $7
    Blue Fairy Pink Minnesota $12
    Blue Fairy Yellow Minnesota $35
    Blue Fairy Perfume Bottle SOLD
    Blue Fairy LE 150 Song Sheet Surprise $80
    Blue Fairy Group Mosaic $300
    Pinocchio Cast LE $12
    Good Luck/Bad Luck $17

    DSF Joy SOLD
    Vice Versa Poster SOLD
    AMC Sadness SOLD
    Studio Store Fear $45
    Studio Store Disgust $80
    Studio Store Sadness $100
    Tinker Bell Cupcake SOLD
    D23 Tinker Bell $10
    Tinker Bell Mary Blair $12
    Tinker Bell Spool SOLD
    Wendy HM Chaser $5
    Candlehead mystery $14
    Francis mystery $12
    Tinker Bell Train $40

    DSF Looking Glass Clock $30
    LE 100 White Queen SOLD
    Cheshire Latte SOLD
    Alice in Wonderland PODH SOLD
    LE 300 HKDL Alice $25
    Cheshire Crest SOLD
    Caterpillar Train SOLD
    Cheshire Masquerade Spotlight $25
    Disney Auctions Alice Heads $35
    Box Lunch Cheshire $12

    Mad T Party Caterpillar $7
    Mad T Party Hat $15
    Mad T Party March Hare $15
    Mad T Party Dormouse SOLD
    Mad T Party Tweedle $7
    Cheshire Mystery $10
    Alice Mystery $7
    2013 Voluntears $7
    2016 Happy New Year $15
    Mary Blair Hatter $7
    Mary Blair Queen $7
    Cheshire Emoji $4
    Alice Nesting Doll $4
    Coca Cola Alice $14
    Coca Cola Caterpillar $7
    Couples Queen of Hearts $4
    Cheshire Pocketwatch $7
    Iago HM Chaser $3
    Maximus HM Chaser $3
    Donald Tsum $5
    Mickey ear flag SOLD
    Nesting Dolls: $4 each
    Disney Gallery Tweedle $15
    Alphabet Queen Chaser $13
    6 years Alice $12
    Tweedles Cast Pin $7

    OUAT Emperor's Groove SOLD
    Snow White PODH $30
    Goon PTD $16
    Mother Gothel $25
    Doris $80
    Katrina PTD SOLD
    Katrina Classics Collection $20
    Gallery Katrina Head $40
    Stacia Martin Katrina $50
    Debonair Katrina $50
    WDFM Katrina SOLD
    Disney Shopping LE 100 Katrina $100

    Jack St. Patrick's Coin $22
    Jack Head $3
    White Witch $4
    Sally OE $4
    JDS Daisy as a Witch $15
    Pooh Halloween 2005 $15
    Mummy SOLD
    Stitch with pumpkin $7
    Mickey and Minnie portraits (Set of 2) $27
    WDI Doom Buggy $20
    WDI Little Leota $25
    WDI Lady Tramp Christmas SOLD
    WDI Aristocats Christmas $80
    Haunted House $10
    Stitch French Riviera SOLD
    Eve $3
    Nesting Dolls: $4 each
    2018 Goofy $5
    Hades Chin $4

    Aristocats Family Portrait $60
    ACME Lady Tramp puppies $40
    LATT Artist Choice (SIGNED) $27
    UK Lady Tramp Heart $60
    Jiminy WWII Seahorse $15
    Lady Tramp Bradford Exchange $45
    Lady Tramp Anniversary Heart $20
    Otter OE $7
    Otters LE (flawed) $25
    Lady Tramp Framed Art $60
    Pinocchio “I” $12
    Dalmatians “Arf” $7
    Mushu (some yellowing) $20
    Pluto June $7
    Bambi Skating $7
    Dodgers Mickey statue $7
    Mickey/Minnie Holiday Faire $3
    Porg $3
    Dodgers Mickey catching $3
    Jiminy HM $3
    Dumbo HM $3
    Jungle Book HM $3
    HKDL Mickey logo $3
    Dalmatians lanyard pin $7
    Zootopia $7
    Tale Spin SOLD

    Minnie Brave Tailor $15
    Daisy MNSSHP $10
    New Year's Eve 2010 $6
    Golden Horseshoe Dancing Girls $15
    Evil Queen Event $6
    One Hour in Wonderland $5
    20,000 Leagues Minnie $17
    Tomorrowland Astronaut $15
    Mickey Ear Fez SOLD
    Set of 3 Minnie Bows $15
    Peter Pan Galleons $3
    Under the Sea Jiminy SOLD
    OUAT Wreck it Ralph SOLD
    UK Scrooge SOLD
    Moana LE SOLD
    Wreck it Ralph OE $7
    Piston Cup Surprise pin $45
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  2. khossler

    khossler If I go, there's just no telling how far I'll go!

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    Is the Moana in the last picture still available?

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  3. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    I have someone who has asked about it, if they end up not purchasing it you'll be next in line!
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  4. Spr175psu

    Spr175psu Well-Known Member

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    Dios Mio! The Stacia Martin Katrina! Do you happen to have the litho that goes with it?

    Can I have the DEC Talespin? Thanks!
  5. khossler

    khossler If I go, there's just no telling how far I'll go!

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    Ok! Thank you!

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  6. khossler

    khossler If I go, there's just no telling how far I'll go!

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    Also, what’s the mickey eared hat that has the LE350 and AP sticker on it?

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  7. LittleBird

    LittleBird Mrs. Nesbitt

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    Sending PM re: Lady and the Tramp Christmas pin.
  8. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    Talespin has been sold, sorry! I've updated the post with sold listings. I don't have the lithograph with the Stacia Martin pin, but it's a lovely pin all by itself!
  9. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    I forgot to put a price for that one! It's an Artist Proof, if you want to look it up on Pinpics it's
    Pin 86880 WDW - 10/10/10 Pin Trading Society - Fez Hat (ARTIST PROOF)

    I'm hoping to get $30, but you can make me an offer!
  10. sockgnome

    sockgnome Well-Known Member

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    Post updated! Thanks to those who have purchased!
  11. coblj003

    coblj003 DPF Charter Member DPF Correspondent

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    PM Sent.
  12. VonSchweetz

    VonSchweetz Have th'ome candy!

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    I'll take Doris $80!
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