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Discussion in 'Other Disney Collectibles' started by stybbafirefoot, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. stybbafirefoot

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    Hi just wondering if anyone can help? I'm going to Disneyworld in August and was wondering if anyone knows whether Star Tours merchandise is available and where it could be found? Also, is there much stuff with the Disney characters as Star Wars characters?
    sorry if I've got the wrong thread, haven't posted for a while!
  2. tiggeriffic

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    I'm not sure about WDW but at Disneyland there is Star Tours merchandise at the end of the ride where it lets you off into the gift shop and if I remember right, the Star Tours in WDW also drops you off at a gift shop. There is also merchandise in the Star Wars section of World of Disney in Downtown Disney here, so maybe at the one in Disney Springs as well. WDW folks can tell you for sure. There are several pins that use Disney characters in SW themes.
  3. speedwaystar1

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    I'm pretty sure the ride still exits into a Star Wars themed Gift Shop at WDW .
    I do know they had Star Tours merchandise there , I'm not sure about Fab 5 as Star Wars characters though . I know they were planning on phasing those items out but I don't know if that ever happened
  4. Tokaji

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    It does still exit into Tattooine Traders, the Star Wars themed shop. There's a ton of stuff there. And yes, they still have quite a bit of merch that has Disney characters as Star Wars characters.
  5. kabe

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    I've never been to WDW, just Disneyland, but for characters-done-SW-style I've seen magnets, pins, picture frames, little things like that - and also small plushies. I have Mickey dressed as a jedi, he's super cute! They only do Mickey and the gang though, no princesses or other characters.

    Have lots of fun! I love that ride! :D
  6. stybbafirefoot

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    Cool thanks everyone. Just one thing - are the star tours action figures still in circulation in the parks?
  7. shooting4ownhand

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    I know in Disney Springs and Hollywood Studios they have a lot of Star Wars merchandise. There should still be plushes of the Disney characters as star wars characters. I recommend downloading the Shop Parks Disney app to see what merchandise and where it is in the parks.
  8. Badockins

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    The action figures are long gone. We have been to WDW twice in the last year and there wasn't much left of Disney Characters as SW Characters. We picked up Minni as Leia plush and Donald as Stormtrooper plush and there weren't many left. When we asked a cast member about more they told us that there is a push from Disney to phase that kind of merchandise out. eBay is going to be your best bet from here on out.

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