Zapped! Thank you so much for your kindness, Ocean7!!

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    The most important part of a zap is the thought and kindness behind it.

    It's been an extremely difficult time for my family and I- really hard to believe that it has been over a month. When things have gone wrong, I could always count on the comforts of home, even when I didn't realize I had those comforts. My own bed, a trinket here or there that sparked a happy memory and assurance of other happy times to come. Not to mention the things you always assumed you'd carry for years to come, and never even gave thought to having to replace.

    Yes, it is thankful that it was only things we lost. However, when you lose those things, it's hard to describe on a bad day just how hollow the feeling is. I've not always been the type who needs the latest and greatest- none of my family was. So to go into stores and actually need a lot of the items you always thought you had. Again, hollow. Again, hard to describe.

    And while it seems petty to try and track down some collectibles of the things we lost, it is something that kind of helps bring a familiarity and enjoyment in a time where you can really get lost in remembering how each room was put together like a painting, and be disappointed as those memories even as fresh as they are now are already starting to fade.

    I can't replace everything we lost. But as seen in my other thread, I'd love to try and help my mom recreate her first pin board. We saved our bags, but our pin boards had pins that we didn't have in our bags. One of them was the tram pin posted in that thread.

    Ocean7 surprised me by replying to my message of inquiring a price, and said they'd just send it to me. Unfortunately, we are both afraid that post office may have lost it as it hasn't arrived at my brother's place of work (where we've been having to have some of our mail go since we no longer have a residential address to send to). That isn't the important part of it, though. To me, what was the important part was the very fact that Ocean7 wanted to pass on a pin that was so special to us in a very difficult time for my family.

    It's not something I ever expected when starting the thread (and I still don't), but the smile it brought to my face is still there despite the post office not necessarily coming through for this zap this time around. I debated posting a thread, but I always post threads to express thanks for the kindness of others, and I just felt it would be wrong not to express thanks for the joy Ocean7's thoughtfulness still brought me.

    Thank you so so much again, Ocean7!! :)

    And thank you to everyone for their thoughts and words of encouragement during this time. All eleven of us - oops! Twelve now! :D - and our pets are still doing well. Tears come and go, but at least we are together ;)

    (and p.s. my avatar is my precious little kitten Mason and my childhood plush animal - happy to report both evacuated, tho he's grown quite a bit since ... er, the kitten, not the plushie :p)

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